Alexandru Zamfir

Alexandru Zamfir, SHIELD


Founded by Alexandru Zamfir, SHIELD is a Security Company based in London.

With a military background and training in the Security Industry, over 12 years in his homeland Romania and UK, within the sectors of TV, Film, Retail and Nightlife Security, Alexandru believes:

„No matter what your business niche is, no matter if you’re a startup or an established brand, your goals are the same, to grow and expand.”

Graduate of Sociology – Psychology University, he’s willing to implement his teaching about people relationship and customer service to all security guards working for SHIELD.

At SHIELD, the staffs are the most precious asset.

„We wholly support and encourage their growth in as an individual or being part of the team, so they can reach their full potential. Friends are the family we choose, and this applies to our staff that we have chosen to become a part of our family.”

This senses of caring enables them to deliver an unrivalled service to our clients with confidence.

Our promise for SHIELD’s clients is that you will always have one of the greatest Security Guards in the industry to do the job required for your business premises, and they will go above and beyond your customer service expectations.

We understand that every person is unique and has different qualities for various tasks and we value this individuality and utilize this to grow our business and reach its full potential, ensuring great customer service for all clients.

Having worked for luxury brands like “Louis Vuitton”, “Christian Dior,” “Roberto Cavallies”, and with extensive work for a variety of TV shows, including “The Million Pound Drop,” “The Voice,” “Strictly Come Dancing” and “Big Brother”, Alexandru expands his knowledge in terms of customer service, and understands the meaning of the Albert Einstein quote “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Leading by example, the SHIELD’s missions is not to influence, but to inspire. We aim to be a brand in the Security Industry, not just a name.

Clients may forget what you have said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

We believe that Security Industry needs a reformation.

„Think safe, think smart, think secure, think SHIELD”  

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Landline:  0044 2082 518 221

Mobile: 0044 7460 674 083


The Value Trinity

Increase Revenue Through Security Services. 

Having your business shielded will increase the clientele, making your customers feel safe. By doing so, they are more likely to consume more and increase your average transaction value. This will lead your business to success, new prospects and higher turnover. 

Reduce Cost Through Security Services. 

Preventing incidents to occur can be left in the caretaker of a security company. Then you can use time to develop new strategies and narrow your focus on what matters most, your business. 

Expand Market Share Through Security Services.

By taking the decision to partner with a security service provider, your business will create innovation. Furthermore, that will strengthen your clients relationships by providing security for your industry and their alike.