Ana-Maria Paraschiv

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Ana-Maria Paraschiv

How would you present yourself, in a generous phrase (in pers. 3, including Name, Surname and position)?

Ana-Maria Paraschiv has an excellent grasp of how organizations use technology to meet business goals.
She is PhD in electrical engineering, Master and engineer in biotechnology systems engineering. Ana has been involved in various research&development European funding projects, holds 5 publications, 1 patent and certifications: assistant programmer diploma, project manager, public procurement expert, quality auditor, project evaluator expert, trainer and MBA.
She applies structured methodologies to solve day to day problems, focused on achieving results through continuous learning.

Make a description or define your work

AMP CONSULTANCY ensures the definition, adoption and implementation of quality technical and business solutions, through intelligent and efficient management, providing consulting services in accessing grant funds.

The company is built on the principles of innovation, customer orientation, communication, excellence and permanent development.

We connect a diverse set of business and project management techniques to support innovative solutions and provide services that help achieve specific business results. Generating a suite of professional services, we help our customers to overcome the challenges of European fundings and to build strong businesses. Digitization and IT&C is a central objective for our company and we support the transfer of value-added knowledge between SMEs and public or private institutions for our customers.

What does the story of your career or business sound like?

Until 2016, Ana-Maria Paraschiv was the head of the Research&Development department in a Romanian private company. She had responsibilities of writing and project management for over 30 research and development projects, 3 as a partner coordinator. Since then, she developed AMP Consultancy, with the aim of offering customized consulting services in the field of European funds, business analysis and business development.

With over 15 years of European funds experience, she has created a company that has a focused activity in providing services for management and business, consulting for projects with non-refundable financing and specialized studies.

What were your visions in childhood/adolescence and what are they now?

In childhood and adolescence, Ana has dreamed of being a teacher. The path of studies and experience led her to the area of project management, bringing value to companies that want to develop and ensuring support for Romanian companies on their way to innovation and growth.

Her vision is to offer customized quality services, to support the sustainability and competitiveness of Romanian companies in the market.

Please tell us a positive and a negative story/experience related to your activity

Positive story – when I decided to leave the company where I worked for 10 years (because I felt that I could offer more), I had no concrete perspective. Since then, I have built my company and, in the present, I am involved in several projects under implementation, one of which is Digital Innovation Hub, financed by the European Commission. These achievements were possible with perseverance and the wonderful people I have met on my way.

Negative story – I wish I had more time and resources to invest in entrepreneurial community building.

What advice do you have for those who are just starting out or undecided?

Believe in yourself! Have the courage to ask and to act. Inform yourself before anything else. Collect details about the activity, the administrative, legal and fiscal part. Expect difficult moments, but with ambition and determination, obstacles can be overcome. And, very importantly, surround yourself with people who share the same values.

Please provide your own definition for Romanian society, businesses and careers!

Romanian companies can create value through cooperation, but also through determination. Romania is an emerging market, unfortunately characterized by a lack of predictability and underfunded, but with a huge potential through investments in education and innovation.