Anda Mănescu

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Anda Manescu

How would you present yourself, in a generous phrase (in pers. 3, including Name, Surname and position)?

My name is Anda Mănescu and I am the founder of the Ii Breaza brand. If I had to be characterized in a few words I would say that I am a little nonconformist, a little introverted and a little stubborn. Quite dedicated to what I do about my business.

Make a description or define your work

My passion is my work. Throughout my life I have had two great passions: traditions / folklore with the mysteries that surround them and fashion design. I somehow managed to combine them by founding the brand „IIBreaza”. It is a solid brand that is based on quality and keeps traditions up to date.

What does the story of your career or business sound like?

My basic profession is an economist, I finished the Academy of Economic Studies, after which I worked for a while in a state institution in Bucharest. After I gave birth to my son, Victor Ion, I founded the Victorion company, with the purpose of bringing back to the public attention these traditional blouses, called „IA”. I can say that I have managed, in the 8 years since its establishment, to bring them back on the great stages of fashion around the world and to restore their former brilliance.

What were your visions in childhood/adolescence and what are they now?

I can say that with the establishment of Victorion company, I started on the chosen path in childhood. My dream began to come true. Like any little girl, I would try to create clothes for the dolls, get them on stage and do a show with them. The second passion was/is reading  unconventional history, out of a desire to find the truth behind events. What am I doing now? I show the world a part of pure history, connected with art.

Please tell us a positive and a negative story/experience related to your activity

A Positive thing is my dedication in everything I try to do, without giving up because of many obstacles that I encounter quite often.

As a negative part, there was and is totally unfair competition from asian countries, which, together with the so-called Romanian merchants, invaded the market with cheap replicas of these blouses (IA), digitally embroidered, not manually and of a very bad quality, but which, by their ridiculous price, manage to fool the Romanian customers, who can not afford an authentic blouse.  That is why, constantly, I try to inform our clients as well and as much as possible and to explain what the authentic means.

What advice do you have for those who are just starting out or undecided?

It’s nice to follow your dream, but sometimes the reality is tougher than the dream and then you need a lot of strength of character. If you take it upon yourself, then get to work.

Please provide your own definition for Romanian society, businesses and careers!

I do not know if it seems to me, but the Romanian society is very divided and, unfortunately, its values are not appreciated enough. I have the impression that the values of society have declined, they are no longer profound, they are just a shining façade. There is no longer a fair ratio between quality and price, It’s all about marketing, and sometimes it doesn’t tell the truth.

Ii Breaza by Anda Manescu 
Str. Republicii, nr 57, Breaza, Prahova 
telefon 0730492111