Bianca Tudor, ELITE Business Women Jury Member at EIT Budapest – 14 & 15 of October 2019

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Bianca Tudor, ELITE Business Women Jury Member at EIT Budapest –

 14 & 15 of October 2019

Bianca Tudor, CEO & Founder ELITE Business Women joins the EIT Woman Award during the EIT Awards Budapest, taking place on the  14th and 15th of October.

The EIT Awards promote innovation and encourage entrepreneurs by putting the most innovative ventures, entrepreneurial graduates, innovation teams and women from the EIT Community in the spotlight. They create role models for change.

The EIT CHANGE Award recognises graduates of EIT education programmes who spur innovation and entrepreneurship, inspiring change for a sustainable future.

The EIT Innovators Award recognises teams from our Innovation Communities that develop high-impact products and services for a sustainable future.

The EIT Venture Award recognises successful start-ups and scale-ups that have been supported by the EIT’s Innovation Communities through dedicated business creation and acceleration programmes.

The EIT Public Award recognises the public’s recognition of overall excellence, and the innovativeness of one of the Nominees in the other four Award categories listed above.

There are 19 nominees that are awarded through judging and public vote.

The projects are complex, for example: an app that provides commercial kitchens with a fully automated food waste management solution to quantify and analyse their food waste, an app that is making cancer diagnosis faster and safer or solutions for sustainable hydrometallurgical operations of toxic waste treatment and metal recycling.

Bianca Tudor, Founder & CEO Elite Business Women & Elite Business Women Investment Fund is giving the EIT Woman Award, recognises the outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs and leaders from our Innovation Communities.

About Bianca Tudor

”I started my career at 19, working for a multinational company.

My interest in leadership, young leaders, and female leadership started to take shape around the age of 22, when I joined the global organisation – Junior Chamber International.

My drive and commitment have allowed me to become the Training and Personal Development Manager/Director of the organisation and later, one of its board members. JCI also helped widen my horizons and in 2012 I joined the Equality Pays Off initiative – a programme developed and implemented by/under the guidance of the European Commission, with activities taking place both in Bucharest and Vienna.

When the opportunity arose, I accepted the challenge of becoming the Regional Director of The Alpha Group International, where I contributed to the growth and expansion of Bucharest-based businesses and deepened my understanding of the entrepreneurial sector.

Leverging my business experience gained during this time, combined with the valuable knowledge attained previously, I laid the foundations of what Elite Business Women is today, an international company for women entrepreneurs, in Romania, UK, Portugal, Belgium and Italy, counting 10 000 companies.”

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