Letter from the Founder

Bianca Tudor

It is a period of rebirth, rebuilding and new beginnings. I am extremely proud of my team of ELITE Ambassadors, our members – elite women entrepreneurs national and international and our elite partners, for teaming up with us to be able to thrive during COVID 19. Yes, we scaled up, we teamed up, we partnered and we have grown at EBW. And yes, collaboration is the new normal and we have had this business model since 2015! We cannot come after Covid-19 with the same practices in business!

Normal in the workplace is something that in the developed economies was a habit – teleworking, digitalisation for companies, organisational culture, employees benefits, working with an Action Plan and KPIs.

For every 1% increase in diversity, your company revenues will increase by 3%. We need diversity in our teams!

Flexible working and teleworking becoming the norm?

I am a Millennial, therefore have always craved for flexible working hours and to make an impact in the corporations I used to work for. This is how I became an entrepreneur because they. were, in the beginning, hiring Millennials and didn’t change fast enough as a culture and keep up with what my generation was looking for. Now, as an entrepreneur, I have to work with the younger generations and to make sure I can understand them.

I will advise companies to have a strategy on teleworking, flexible hours, for both online and offline work; team buildings; be clear about their business goals, communicate key target figures, what the company gains by achieving its KPIs, what they lose when they fail to reach their targets.

It’s more than business; it is a community, contribution, collaboration and business!

In order to help our members through the crisis, we created the Crisis Cell for SMEs, free webinars where we had over 600 registrations.

We launched the WOMEN4IMPACT fundraising campaign with The Woman Organization, thanks to Crina Ciocian and Melania Medeleanu, ZIDEBINE.RO Association to raise funds for hospitals.

We launched a Continuity Plan – Free Consultancy every week for SMEs that understand the importance of continuity, even at these times.

We have created 2 free eBooks with Tax and Legal Measures created by lawyers for SMEs, but also MARKETING STRATEGIES for the affected SMEs, thanks to Corobană and Associations, Sorina Neagu – Law, Mihaela Lemnaru – Marketing.

We have also created ELITE Meet Up, business webinars for SMEs that continue to educate themselves, seek solutions, network online, and these have a fee equivalent to breakfast in the city. The webinars took place online and are addressed to the communities Elite Business Club Europe.

Elite Business Women launched the EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group to support global economic cooperation and give a voice to women in business everywhere. We launched a new business as well, ELITE Communication, the first Communication & Branding Agency built 100% from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and we are in the middle of the #Ellitude programme to help women in building a personal brand to build a business!

I will say your values are your foundation! If it is clear to you what values you have, who you are, on this foundation you can undoubtedly build! No matter if you are a sportsman, a farmer, an entrepreneur, an artist, it’s perfect, you know who you are and that’s where we start with the construction part! Yes, of course, the quality of your work, your professionalism are key to building your business. And, when success comes, and it will come if you work and create with passion and responsibility, don’t forget who you are, don’t change to fit into society stereotype on success. You need clarity and courage to keep building!

I believe in authenticity in everything I do! I believe that passion is contagious! I believe that your RESULTS are the best brand Ambassador! Keep going!

Bianca Tudor is the Founder & CEO of Elite Business Women and ELITE Communication. This article first appeared in the Elite Business Women magazine. 


Read the full magazine here.


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