Catherine-Anne Blaikie

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Catherine-Anne Blaikie

From Running a Successful Multi Million Pound Division for an American Corporation with global sales of over $3Billion to becoming homeless and loosing everything Catherine turned her Rock Bottom into gift and an adventure of life time.

From competing in one of the most demanding physical tests of her life, racing across Central America for The Princes Trust she went on to become an inspiring mentor and business coach empowering many young people with the launch of their own enterprises.

However after many years in the commercial sector Catherine decided to follow her passion and desire to work with young people oversees travelling to partner with an NGO based in Tanzania in East Africa where she fell in love with not only the country but the people and the communities which she became very much part of.

Partnering with universities and community leaders to secure support and funding for provision of educational facilities for communities in rural areas across Tanzania she went on to secure national media coverage with Clouds Media the biggest media house in East Africa.

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Whilst in Tanzania she went on a missionary to save 49 orphans from eviction using her business development, networking and project management skills launching a national campaign called ‘ Voice of A Child’ securing financial investment from a number of organisations including Abel and Fernandes Communications, Coco Cola and Regional Chairpersons. On her return to the UK she continued campaigning and fundraising, embarking on an extreme challenge to complete her first ever solo skydive from 10,000 feet at descending speeds of 129 miles an hour.

Her long term vision is to complete the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course and secure sponsorship to take on the Eigar making the impossible, possible and inspiring and empowering even more young people to believe in themselves by changing their mindsets breaking through their own limiting beliefs enabling them to become global disruptors!

Through her work with young people at the margin of society, Catherine has brought her commercial knowledge, experience and passion to improve the lives of many others through opening up employment opportunities and providing business and entrepreneurial support for young people.

Catherine’s energy and commitment to make a difference in people’s lives is outstanding which is why she was awarded a Lift Effects Global Star Award as one of the top 100 women across the globe shining the light for others to follow and making a difference in our communities in the UK and internationally.

Catherine urges everyone to find there entrepreneurial passion and purpose in life, to dig deep, to look within, and seek whatever help they need as she is living testament that once you find your purpose and passion in life, your life not just your entrepreneurial life, but your entire life will never be the same again!