Elite Business Club London September 13th- How we can get unstuck from a pattern of behaviour that limits us?

Dear Elite Business Women community in London,

We are thrilled to announce a new event for the ELITE entrepreneurs in London! September 13th, 9.30 AM, at the Romanyan Embassy in London!

Actually is our 5th event in London, really excited about our dynamic  #EBWcommunity in London, the credit goes to Gabriela Dragomir our EBW Ambassador and Bianca Tudor EBW Founder, same about our members, well done team!

Trademark event where our main target is that every participant learns how to effectively pitch one’s business.

Elite Business Club is an event that addresses both female and male entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to develop together our business and to share know how and business experience!

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What’s unique about Elite Business Club?

We bring together business men, business mentors as guest speakers and entrepreneurs so that we create an effective know how transfer between speakers and participants.

Elite Business Club is for:

  • entrepreneurs
  • managers and small and medium enterprises representatives

Where: Romanian Cultural Institute

When: September 13th, 09:30-14:00
Main Topic: How we can get unstuck from a pattern of behaviour that limits us? So that we can move forward confidently in our business and personal lives!


Wojciech Kolodziejczak

My name is Wojciech Kolodziejczak and I am a Life Networker!
My Experience
Marketing and business development strategies advisor to migrant businesses in the UK, with a focus on cross-cultural aspects.
Assistant to British companies with business immigration and business development activities in Poland.
Communications coach specialised in cross-cultural communication, networking, and negotiation skills for British, Polish, and other migrant businesses.
Visiting lecturer on networking skills for the Federation of Small Businesses, Royal Bank of Scotland, Global Investor Club, London Metropolitan University, and other organisations.


Jo Ritchie

After 17 years working in the corporate world not feeling like she was being true to herself, Jo redesigned her life to follow her dreams. Now she is grateful to be a personal and business coach, as well as corporate trainer, supporting people to develop themselves to make positive changes in their lives and careers. In addition to her coaching skills, she has a background in martial arts, is a trained yoga teacher and a Master Practitioner of NLP, which she combines to empower others. Jo knows what it feels like to take control and transform your life because she has done it herself!

“Coaching is about eliminating our internal obstacles and drawing out the untapped bank of riches latent within each human being” – John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance.

At Elite Business Club London, Jo will talk about how we can get unstuck from a pattern of behaviour that limits us and from a habitual cycle, so that we can move forward confidently in our business and personal lives. She will also share a few practical coaching tools and tips that you can start using right away to help you in your daily life.

“There is a direct link between emotional intelligence and measurable business results” – Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence

Join us and Subscribe as seats are limted!

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EBW Team