tefania Tudorache

Self-knowledge, Passion and Inspiration


At times, I used to look at the displays in some retail stores windows, and could not help thinking that I should have created my own clothes.  I considered being a fashion designer, I am good at it, but it is not my passion.

I like to paint, to create a variety of décor objects, I am artsy, but I don’t see myself performing these activities daily.

I adore children, I play with them every day, I read stories to them, we sing and dance, and I know that I would never get bored doing that.

For many years of my professional life, I had been a kindergarten manager; I’ve continuously improved myself, my professional development was my priority.  Throughout the years, I constantly improved my abilities and competence; I’ve grown, both on the personal and professional level.  In retrospect, I think of those years fondly, but never with regret.

While I was a kindergarten manager, I discovered that I am very creative and skilled at putting my thoughts and impressions on paper.

“Know Thyself” is my motto, because I constantly try to discover myself, to find out who I am and what the purpose of my life is.  I searched and discovered and will continue to discover my abilities and talents, what I am capable of doing with my own skills.

I look at the future and wonder what I will do when I will have a great deal of spare time; I am not used to that luxury.

Until then, I try to enjoy the presence of children in my life, as a teacher, and I try to improve their lives by writing rhymes that they would love; I try to be useful to a generation that has different expectations from us, the grown-ups, to bring that “something else” into their lives, to bring the light into their eyes, joy into their hearts and innocent laughter on their lips.

This is how my book “The Magic of the Little Dots” was born, my first interactive poetry book for children, my first project, the beginning of other similar projects.

Having had my book published, was the first step that determined me to keep nurturing my passion, to keep bringing to the attention of children as many attractive rhymes as I can, and thus have them spend quality time with their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, by doing very fun and relaxing activities.

In August, 2018, I founded Tudorache Stefania PFA, after many struggles and hesitations, because it is not easy to start a new business, despite the fact that I met many experts in the field when I was a kindergarten director.

I am at the beginning of this new road, I try to learn constantly, to develop professionally through hard work and dedication.

I do this by myself, but not alone.  I recently met wonderful people, with a ton of business experience, who can be true role models for me.

I am trying to enter into partnerships with other entrepreneurs specialized in educational activities, mainly for children.

Ștefania Tudorache

Email: tudorachestefania60@gmail.com