A_BEST is considered one of the largest independent language learning centres in Romania. The A_BEST team organizes foreign language and Romanian language courses for expats, and our client portfolio includes over 250 multinational companies in fields such as IT, telecommunications, banking, insurance, pharma, FMCG, transport and logistics. With a portfolio of over 10 foreign languages, the A_BEST Foreign Language Centre holds one national accreditation and three international accreditations. A_BEST is also the first local company to obtain the certification of the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, following the audit carried out by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, a German third-party certification organization.

Adapting to the new situation generated by the health crisis was made quickly, the A_BEST team mobilized exceptionally, so that since March 12, 2020, in record time, A_BEST courses have completely migrated online. Furthermore, our team provides remote language services at the same quality standard, for companies operating in foreign markets and for which efficient and fast communication with business partners is vital.

No matter where we are, communication with business partners can bring us closer, especially when we speak… the same language. The development of a new skill, such as the study of a foreign language is an opportunity that can be exploited by companies even in this more difficult period by taking advantage of the resources offered by the virtual environment. Online courses are not new they represent an alternative to the classic approach to study in the classroom, which has the advantage that they can be accessed by trainees from anywhere, according to a flexible schedule.

The courses are organized online, live, with the help of Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams platforms, interactive and efficient communication tools, which also have the advantage of being accessible from any place the trainees are. We encourage companies in Romania, but also in other European Union countries, to further facilitate employees’ access to language training programs, and during this period we also offer attractive discounts for organizations that want to streamline training budgets. We maintain the high degree of interactivity of learning activities, the features of online platforms (breakout rooms, polls, screen sharing, whiteboard, etc.) helping us to do this from a didactic point of view.

Moreover, lately, we have expanded our client portfolio, accessing new markets, through our live, online courses (we started promotional campaigns targeting six major cities in Romania and two important European capitals).

Furthermore, the most sought-after languages by companies are English, German and French, and if a candidate knows any two of these languages, he/she has a chance to get a better salary package. There is also high demand on the labour market for rarer languages (e.g. Czech, Greek, Portuguese, etc.) and for Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish), which are less spoken.

In our country, trainees enrol either on their own (open courses) or through companies (corporate courses), the aim being to monetize the time invested in learning a foreign language. For all, one of the main benefits of knowing a foreign language is that they have more chances to advance in their careers, and in the new context generated by the COVID 19 pandemic – wider employment horizons (practically, they can apply for jobs offered by any company in the world, if the activity is remote, and they master the respective foreign language, spoken locally).

About the A_BEST Foreign Language Centre

A_BEST was set up in 2008 and is one of the largest independent language learning centres in Bucharest, Romania. A_BEST offers complete language services, at international standards: foreign language courses – general / business / specialized language, open / corporate; Romanian language courses for expats; foreign language courses for children; internationally recognized tests; translations; linguistic audit; events dedicated to the academic environment. For further details, please go to http://abest.ro/.

About Aura Icodin, Founder & CEO – A_BEST Foreign Language Center

Aura Icodin – in short: education and entrepreneurship, the two keywords that describe his professional career

With a managerial experience of over 14 years in the field of education and almost 20 years dedicated to the study and teaching of foreign languages in public and private educational institutions, Aura Icodin’s career can be summarized in two keywords: education and entrepreneurship.

Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2008, with the establishment of the A_BEST Foreign Languages Centre, with the aim of offering education services at European standards. A_BEST is currently considered one of the top independent centres for learning foreign languages for Romanians and expats. A_BEST has 3 international accreditations and a portfolio of over 10 foreign languages, offering language services for companies in the TOP 300, in fields such as IT, telecommunications, banking, insurance, Pharma, FMCG, transport and logistics.

Contact: www.abest.ro//office@abest.ro//0762 274 914.


This article first appeared in the Elite Business Women magazine. 

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