ADELINA IORGULESCU – Dentist, dental technician and OrgaLeader LR Health & Beauty

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ADELINA IORGULESCU – Dentist, dental technician and OrgaLeader LR Health & Beauty

ADELINA IORGULESCU – Dentist, dental technician and OrgaLeader LR Health & Beauty

Adelina Iorgulescu is a dentist and dental technician and owns her own business consisting of a dental clinic and a dental technique laboratory, both located in Bucharest. Her extensive experience in the health area, as well as Adeline’s ambition and passion to help and guide others to a healthy lifestyle, led her to the top German company LR Health & Beauty, where she is an entrepreneur since 2012 and currently leads seminars from the position of OrgaLeder.

Armed with an extraordinary capacity for coordination and a great deal of empathy, Adelina manages to successfully run the two businesses and also enjoy a rich family life.

“I love my job because I changed the lives of many people by givving them their confident smile back and this is the greatest satisfaction and reward of my work.”  For Adelina there are no half-measures in her day to day routine. Her dental clinic is not just a simple dentistry office, but she has worked hard to provide 360 ​​° quality services to her patients, which is why she successfully manages also the dental technique laboratory business. In this way she has the guarantee of quality and the assurance that her patients will benefit from the best services and in a short time, having everything at hand. Her services heal and enjoy people beyond the borders of the country, Adelina’s office located in the center of Bucharest being the perfect place for patients abroad who, during a vacation, can benefit from complete diagnostic and dental treatment services at the highest level of performance and professionalism, together with having trips aroud the country in between treatments, all these services being completely provided to patients by her team.

„My childhood dream was to become an internist doctor, but life is not always the way you imagine it. From the moment I entered the world of LR Health & Beauty I feel fulfilled and I realize that my journey has been exactly as it should have been. Through LR I can completely satisfy my desire to solve people’s health problems and not just the smile.

I had my first contact with LR in 2012. I didn’t even think at that time what this would mean for me and how this wonderful adventure would change my life. As the company’s motto “More quality for your life” says, this is what I try to convey and I feel that it fits me perfectly. It is a challenge for me to solve “serious” health problems with natural products, certified products – and I want to emphasize the word certified -, and come again to me to thank me for changing their life, because I restored their health and well-being.

For me, getting involved in LR is more than just a hobby and I am very happy that through this business I have the opportunity to discover many other qualities, to trust myself and my potential. I am grateful that I have only met people with positive energy through this business and, although I have managed the entire staff of the dental clinic for many years, I feel that I have learned even more to work in the team.

LR is not a business for anyone, it is just for those people who want to get out of their comfort zone, who love to help others and who want to upgrade their lifestyle. It’s a small family business. ”Adelina happily details.

The phrase “Iron hand in velvet glove” is a perfect description of how Adelina runs her business. She is aware that only with daily perseverance, with seriousness and involvement can you achieve results. Precisely these qualities are highly appreciated by her team, and testimony stands that she has around her people with whom she has worked for years. Adelina is a people manager, she offers employees a safety envoirment at work, she is concerned about the personal development of those around her and she skillfully sprints teambuilding sessions where they relax together and weld their collective even better.

The LR business is fulfilling Adelina also because she shares this experience with her husband, Bogdan, who is also her biggest supporter. Together they are the happy parents of two boys, Tudor and Vlad and she leads their family lives with the same intuition that she also shows in the business environment.