Adelina Iorgulescu, it happened for me: LR Health & Beauty back-up occupation in a crisis period

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Adelina Iorgulescu, it happened for me: LR Health & Beauty back-up occupation in a crisis period

For those who do not know me, my name is Adelina Iorgulescu, I am a dentist for 15 years andalongside that, for 8 years I have a strong and fruitfully collaborate with a top German company, LR Health & Beauty,currently having the OrgaLeader position.

I have been asked over time why I am in charge of this business and how do I handle both the OrgaLeader position and the dental laboratory. Every time my answer is the same: my HOBBY comes from the passion to help other people and both occupations meet this criteria.

In my quest to find out what my purpose here on Earth is, I did an astogram last month and what do you think I found out?

Leader is the word that characterizes me, together with the desire to help people. For me this was a confirmation for why this two occupations of mine fit me perfectly.

However, it seems that what I have done so far as a hobby, being an OrgaLeader In LR Health and Beauty company, will be the back-up job for me, as the heavy period that we go through worldwide came with consequences regarding the dental office, respectively it was closed for a period of time according to the laws in force (as many, many other businesses did). So this period, fortunately, my position in LR will be my main job and that of my family.

If anything has changed in this period? The answer is YES, a lot of things. First of all and most important everything went online,a field I’m not entirely familiar with, but I saw it as an opportunity to overcome my obstacles and learn and practice new things such as:

  • organizing online events, which I now enjoy very much having;
  • I dedicate my time showing people that it is good to have a back-up plan, even if your business is successful, because life in general has many surprises for us.

My luck is that we deal with health and people appreciate this more than ever during this period of global pandemic.

When you say made in Germany you think directly about QUALITY and SERIOUSNESS, attributes that are rare nowadays.

Why Quality? Due to certifications.

The most important quality certification of our health products from LR is SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, which ensures the control of the ingredients, of each step in the production process, the bottling and all the procedures performed until the final result.

The crisis has surprised us all, making us appreciate life differently, to appreciate more the people around us. Everyone is now giving priority to health and this is our main objective and what we preach: “More quality for your life“, whatever that means to each and one of us.

Stay optimistic and stay healthy!