Adina Stiuca, Founder Elite printing studio – Empowered women empower women

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Adina Stiuca, Founder Elite printing studio – Empowered women empower women

It is 2020,and we are used to living in a world of ”never enough time”….

That is of course untill now,as we venture through a period of time that will effect every person differently.An indefinite period of time in quarantine and self-isolation…

We are all experiencing social distancing,working from home and finding ways to keep motivated,whilst confronting our lack of determination to use this time productively and so on.However the good news is that we are not alone in this.

This extraodinary period will allow us time to reflect on who we really are and what our needs and priorities are.

After completing some field research, questioning a group of people of varying ages,it appeared that the majority of them missed human interaction during this time and I must admit I have been feeling the same.

My name is Adina Stiuca and I am a women who thrives on relationships and connections with people, because at the end of the day this is human instinct.

I have always considered myself to be at the service of people which I believe can be highlighted through all the products and services that my business has to offer.

I am positive that we, the business owners,will overcome this obstacle especially those who have a proven consistancy,earthnessess and those who resonate and are passionate about the field of business they are leading.

My team and I are passionate about maps.

One of the reasons we started producing maps was to cater for goal-orientated people who needed to have the real, precise information relating to the areas that they were interested in.

We are constantly improving our database in close cooperation with specialised companies and institutions whilst implementing all of the latest technologies. We do itstep-by-step, using the newest pieces of high precision information in such a way that benefits everyone, taking advantage of all the up-to-date source material.

Together with a team of professionals,we are working on meeting the personal requirements of each client by highlighting their individual objectives such as the road network, the hydrographic network, the rail netwok etc., along with the identification dates of the company which can be a very good marketing idea or any other needs that the client may have can be discussed and agreed.

For every company or public institution it is important to have reliable maps enabling people to use them for a variety of purposes: orientation, planning routes for logistic companies, travel agencies or simply for decorating the office walls.

We do produce accurate and reliable maps that are extremely efficient for all performance tasks. Our wallmaps are printed on high-quality durable paper and can be printed in any other material that meets your demands.

Last, but not least, we like to produce maps that awaken two of the five senses: the visual and the kinesthetic. Looking at a map of interest often brings back feelings and memories, because we are human afterall…

For more information please visit:

Phone: 0787/370 850