Inspire your life – at Inspire Studio!

Alexandra Dumitru – Co-owner Inspire Studio

I always wanted to do things differently, even though I did not know from the beginning what I want to do. Far from great goals, I have always tried to bring about a good change around me and the community I belong to.

I can say that my mother was the first person to inspire my entrepreneurial spirit. Taught me to get out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to try new things. The support of those around us is extremely important in this area and I am grateful to those who have been with me over the years.

After graduating from Management Studies, I worked as Area Sales Manager in Cosmetics, a period that helped me to develop myself and gain the professional skills needed for the next stage. Four years later, I make the decision to start my own beauty business from scratch: Inspire Studio. The biggest challenge was to be able to gather all the necessary information, to learn new things and to always be better,  to be able to sustain the growth rate of my business. We have always sought to innovate and inspire those who cross our threshold. Today, I have next to me a team of professionals with whom Inspire Studio grows nicely.

As a Naturys Romania Trainer (100% biocertificated professional cosmetics) and a trainer in cosmetics courses, I have the opportunity to share my experience and passion for this field.

Inspire your life – at Inspire Studio!

Inspire Studio began its story in July 2013, from the desire to combine a healthy lifestyle – eating principles, food supplements, cosmetic products etc – with the need of being good looking and feeling good in our own skin. If initially our services were about body remodeling and health and nutrition advice, not long after the customer’s request, we added new services such as massage, cosmetics or manicure.

From the beginning, we knew Inspire Studio is going to be more then just a business: we wanted our clients to find harmony and inspiration, to trust our techniques and the technology we are using and first off all the quality of the products and services we offer. You will find the today’s studio to be the result of a lifetime friendship and we would like you to feel that unique emotion of reuniting with your best friend, everytime you visit us. We remained devoted to our principles and this helped us to be successful and to celebrate this summer our 5th anniversary.

Today, we are working with specialists in each area of our activity. We pay special attention to the quality of our services, but we still try to keep them accessible to customers. At Inspire Studio all procedures are non-invasive and in accordance with the principles of a healthy, natural lifestyle. For example, for cosmetics and massage we use 100% biocertificated products, and manicure products do not contain harmful or carcinogenic substances.

We are still making efforts to become even better and to meet the needs of our costumers, so when they told us they would like more services in the same place, we extended our activity to hairdressers and makeup. The new location, where we’ve just moved, has allowed us that.

And we do not stop here, we want to come closer to our customers in the future and prepare to open a new Inspire Studio.

So, follow us, our story continues!


Str. Goraslau, nr.1, ap. 1
Sibiu, Romania
0743 013 819