Our story begins with passion for people and psychology. Poza conferinta Moreover, we have combined psychology with Marketing and PR, and our latest project contributed to the development of a new domain in our country, in the field of animal assisted therapy, which brings joy and relaxation among the children and employees. Indeed, we really take our dogs to companies and it seems they really use it.

Passion for people was an idea that appeared out of the blue, on our way to Rome, on a January day. 5 months later, Talent Center, with its slogan “passion for people” was already on our website and Facebook page.

Talent Center is different from the competitors, as we never give up a project. We want perfection and we always reach out goals. Moreover, we have a special relationship with our partners, as beyond the organizational environment, they are stories, life lessons, souls with real life. We simply love this side of each person, and the word “client” disappears and we are not sorry at all. Above all, we are PEOPLE.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary “Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition”. For us, it is the mother of success. It has always been useful!


You can meet us at Brand YourSelf conferences that we organize each month. We are always open to new and interesting projects. We like good quality networking, so we respond affirmatively to invitations to events.

We live the story Talent Center every day, so no matter how much we would love to, it is impossible to say in a few words what we fully live every day. We enjoy entrepreneurship, people, results, we lay on the line our perseverance, knowledge, and soul in order to complete difficult projects. We smile when we do something good, and no, we do not wait for Friday.

We support with our hearts and soul all those who want to be entrepreneurs or employees.

You are welcome to meet us!

Contact: Alexandra Micu

Founder of School for Happiness

Email: alexandra@talentcenter.ro

Phone: 0744 618 911