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Alexandra Roată, Managing Partner at

With a marketing background, I believe that I managed to build the most beautiful combination of skills, adding to my creativity the passion for technology. So, from the benches of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, I stepped into the IT business environment, putting my shoulder to the creation of a web development company. Thus, for more than 10 years, I linked my name to technology, through and with the help of software applications, the best known business being Ever since it was conceived and launched on the Romanian market, Softlead would be the most important marketplace dedicated to software applications, which helps companies to identify and implement the right technological solution.

From the position of Managing Partner within Softlead, I was included in the Top 100 Most Admired CEOs in Romania and in the Top 200 Business Women in Romania. In 2019, Softlead was nominated as one of the Top 20 revolutionary companies with a European vision (SaaStock, Dublin).

How can Romanian companies help through the platform?

In Romania, there are thousands of software solutions created and implemented in a personalized way for industries and companies, regardless of their size. With the help of the platform, any organization or department can select the application or suite of suitable software solutions, depending on the management objectives and possible particularities. At this moment, through the lead generation activity managed through Softlead Marketplace, we work with over 300 IT companies in Romania.

The entire career can also be viewed on LinkedIn.

Find out more about the company I run here: