Alin Harabagiu


Good to see you! My name is Alin, and one of my passions is tea. I always thought the most beautiful stories were in the books. But after I discovered the tea, I realized that this beverage is full of stories, emotions and experiences.
In fact, this passion comes from an older story when, five years ago, I was led to a Plant Based Diet that has completely changed my life.

Tea is also a plant, namely the perennial Camelia sinensis plant from which the white, green, black and oolong tea is prepared. “Medicinal” teas are actually infusions of any herbs, fruits or roots less the one called … tea.
Studies tell us that tea has many health benefits, but that most people don’t know about. Tea consumption could protect against tumors. In addition, it seems to reduce cholesterol, tension, blood glucose and body fat. It can protect the brain from cognitive decline and stroke. You can find the source of the studies in the blog’s articles accessing

To change my lifestyle, I started drinking green tea every morning. That’s the way I’ve done my first health rule. That gave me a sense of pride and encouraged me to make another change, and another, and another. Drinking tea for health, it has strengthened me that the change begins with small things. If you can’t do little things for your health, you will never be able to do big things.
Sometimes the most beautiful gifts are those that delight our soul, feed our curiosity and feed our passions. All of these things made me to start and share with you these benefits, to help you believe in them as I think, also tea to be part of your life. is an online store with luxury tea and high quality plant infusions. Tea can be found in a wide range of varieties that offer different qualities in terms of flavor and character. It’s also includes a special blog about tea.
Besides benefits, I want people to treat this drink and taste, in the same way they treat the wine, appreciating its variety and its complexity.
“Which tea is better?” Or “How much is too much?”, but also about other interesting articles, I invite you to visit the online store

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Alin Harabagiu, founder of (Cluj-Napoca)