Alina Nițu, Customer Care Trainer – It’s time to bring more hospitality to your business!

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Alina Nițu, Customer Care Trainer – It’s time to bring more hospitality to your business!

If you run a business, your main focus should be on your client, right? The client is the most important pillar for you, the person you pay attention the most, around whom you build your business strategy and so on.

And this is the point where a very good question arises: If the client is such value for your business, why don’t you treat him with all the honors?

It is already known that many businesses lack Customer Care basic skills and the number of complaints about inappropriate behavior, grows each day. How is this possible and why is this situation perpetuated?

Here are some answers that I have gathered during my training on customer care, from people who work directly with the client and are responsible for pleasing them.

  • Too many administrative tasks. For example, if you work in front office, the client expects you to smile, to be gentle, patient and to put his needs first. But if you are overwhelmed with others tasks or you haven’t been very good trained on how to prioritize each thing, you won’t be able to be present 100% for the person in front of you
  • Inappropriate people who come in direct contact with clients. Don’t give people jobs that are not suitable for (ex. Introverts can’t be as good salesmen as extroverts). Pay more attention to the recruitment process.
  • Your people are not paid according to their duties and efforts. If you see some discontent, lack of enthusiasm, maybe laziness on your team, you must talk to your people and find out the real reason for their behavior. Don’t let this situation get worse, because the first person on whom all this will be poured, is the client – your client!
  • You take for granted that the people you hire should know the basics on how to treat and deal with the client. Well, they don’t really know and you should put some effort and train them.

How about you take an overview and see how much good and money can bring you a team who really knows how to treat a client.

It’s time “to activate” the Hospitality Button. Here are some tips, that will make your business life easier and your clients happier:

  1. Stop seeing the client as a simple client. Treat him with the same respect and courtesy as a VIP
  2. Keep every little promise you make
  3. Exceed the client’s expectations
  4. Make the client feel special and important.
  5. It is not about what you do, it is about how you do it.
  6. Keep it simple. Nobody likes complicated things
  7. Focus on solution, not guilt.
  8. Listen more, speak less.
  9. Use a common language. The client does not feel comfortable when he doesn’t understand and you are more likely to lose him. Is it worth it?
  10.  Focus on excellent service. Good service isn’t enough anymore.

Train your team to be the best host and you will see a very big difference.

And who will be the first one letting you know that something good has happened? Your client. He will thank you by paying more, recommend your business and return. This is the ideal client every entrepreneur dream of.

Invest in your people and focus on hospitality!

Alina Nițu

Customer Care Trainer