Almaj, Iordache – We walk the talk

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Almaj, Iordache – We walk the talk

At Almaj, Iordache law firm we walk the talk; we are experienced lawyers who follow a structured approach, designed to deliver results for business.

We are creative problem-solvers, restless to find the finest sustainable solutions for our partners, being dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their business goals and overcome legal challenges.

Our professionals` goal is to be better every day – we believe in lifelong personal growth – there`s always something new to discover or something that can be done better. Our clients` portfolio keeps us tuned in with the latest market developments and ideas and help us to thoroughly comprehend each industry and its ways.

Almaj, Iordache offers a full range of legal services in industries like Power, Oil & Gas, IT, Technology & Fintech, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare & Leisure.

Our team is deeply familiar with the specific challenges clients face in the Romanian markets; we have strong industries awareness. That`s why we can provide the full spectrum of legal advice tailored to the specific level of each business, respectively:

  • Business start and outline – full range of advice need for entering the Romanian markets, by outlining the main market rules and customs; acquiring the Romanian licenses/authorizations/permits/certificates; providing support in managing the relationships with the regulator; due to our multidisciplinary approach, we also provide assistance in solving challenges referring to employment, complex litigations, corporate governance, financial agreements, etc.;
  • Business Growth and Sustainment – from merges and acquisitions advice, providing the legal base for developing new products, to the protection of intellectual property rights and competition market rules;
  • Business Protection and Preserving – whether addressing tax measures or adverse regulatory changes & controls, our team works with clients to help them maintain market share, preserve their patrimony, collect unpaid receivables and manage relationships with regulators and other industry bodies. We also help our clients have their voice hear during public consultations on specific project regulations which may affect their business; thus, we protect their interest from the start, during incipient stages of possibly adverse regulations, while getting to improve the regulatory environment.

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