Ana Maria Iosif – About

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Ana Maria Iosif – About

My name is Ana Maria Iosif, I am a graduate of the Faculty of Sociology and Communication, a master student at the Thematic Journalism department of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Science at the Bucharest University, Raiffeisen Bank account officer, a graduate of the MIFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) modules run by the Romanian Banking Institute, a graduate of the Fitness Scandinavia Academy and a paraprofessional educator with the Heidi Academy in Brașov.

Furthermore, I have attended numerous networking events, book launches, fashion,public speakingandbusiness events and conferences.

I am a happy, creative person, inquisitive and optimistic, and I love to learn things and be what others only hope could be one day. I don’t like leaving things on an ideational level. I like being around people, I like sports, I love to communicate and I am irrevocably in love with FASHION, OUTFITS AND STYLE. I am a natural learner and I have learnt how to choose dignified role models.

I love to write and read, and especially share my life experience with people. I love to help them realise that life is a hard battle which only the lazy ones give up. I have learnt to use reason in matters of the heart, and to do things that leave me in awe. I believe in emotions and feelings, which I think are what brings people together. I believe in love born on different levels and in different areas of life, as well as in the fact that people may not have long lives, but that they all live enough to fulfil their mission.

My desire is to become a successful journalist, because this is my passion and I identify myself with this job as a “communicator”. Furthermore, I would like to join the business women’s community and develop a brand of my own, however, being still on the lookout for what fits me best.