Coming from a modest family, dropping out school after 1st year of University at 19 years old, Ana-Maria has had tens of jobs to help support herself and her family. She has lived in the UK since 2008.

Only when she became a mom she has switched her mindset into becoming successful.

Graduated BA (Hons) University of West London Hospitality Management at 30 years old.  Finally she has studied what she loved: travel and tourism industry mixed with business and hospitality management.

Has worked a lot on herself to develop personally and professionally and get that dream job.

She has worked for Expedia doing what she loves best: customer service and travel. After getting recognition for her hard work, after feeling that she is part of an awesome team she has realised still that she can do better on her own. 

Quitting a multinational company isn’t easy. Becoming an entrepreneur is challenging. Ambition, discipline, work ethic are only a few things that drove Ana-Maria into becoming an Independent Travel Agent.  

As an Independent Travel Agent she books amazing cruises, holiday packages, air flights, travel insurances, hotels and villas. She assists clients into renting cars for their holiday, booking airport transfers, activities such as: cultural tickets, tour tickets, shows, concerts and nightlife events, sightseeing tickets, walking and biking tours, private and custom tours, etc.

Ana-Maria is putting the grounds to a start-up company: AMS Magic Travel.

AMS Magic Travel mission is to help people and companies to travel smart and save money. Always with the customers best interests at heart AMS Magic Travel recommends great offers and promotions. If such offers are not available the company will always be honest with customers and never close a sale just for the commission.

‘If you want to be respected, you have to respect yourself.’ (proverb)

AMS Magic Travel vision is to be a strong successful travel company. It will expand from day 1, looking for ambitious entrepreneurs, who love to travel, willing to work hard for their success (operating countries for now UK and USA).

AMS Magic Travel will offer support and guidance to individuals whom have a strong mindset and a wonderful work ethic. AMS Magic Travel is looking for business partners to run their own successful travel businesses.

AMS Magic Travel Values: professionalism, work ethic, ambition, excellent customer service, integrity, passion and focus.