I am Ana Roșca, I am 38 years old and the founder of Traduce.re. Why www.traduce.re? It’s easy to explain: we have always liked to do things in a personal manner, and we wanted to offer our clients the things they needed in an entirely different approach from what the market offered at the time.

I have always been fond of foreign languages, ever since I was a little girl going to school, when I am very happy to remember, I would translate for my sister from English, when she watched cartoons on Cartoon Network that didn’t have any subtitles or dubbing.

A graduate of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – the Faculty of Management, a Master of Business Administration, I must admit that I had been attracted by the concept of entrepreneurship before going to faculty, which  is why I chose to specialise in these fields.

With over 13 years of experience in the field, our company provides translation and interpreting services into/from all international languages, subtitling services, film dubbing and the lease of conference equipment.

Time has been the witness of the dedication and professionalism which characterise our work, which took us to the top of Romanian translation and interpreting companies. More than this statute, we are very happy to see the large number of loyal clients who come to us and ask for our help with all kinds of translation and interpreting jobs without a second thought.

We respect our work, we respect each other and we respect our clients. Every individual client is important to us, and each project is approached with utmost care and dedication: from one-page and confidential documents to books and film subtitling projects. They were all paid our endless attention, and approached with the same level of importance.

”One page” page may not compare to ”a book”, but clients are different too, and that ”single page” may well have made the difference to the person who came to us asking for help. We are grateful for having the opportunity to help our clients change their lives for the better, and we always do our best to ”keep our promise”, as per our slogan.