Ana Roșca, Owner – Medical translations – how to choose the translation office to meet your requirements

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Ana Roșca, Owner – Medical translations – how to choose the translation office to meet your requirements

Medical translations – how to choose the translation office to meet your requirements

Sometimes we don’t have the time it takes to thoroughly look and do our own research before deciding which translation office to go to. There are also the times when time is pressing us, we have tight deadlines to meet or need yet another translation of a document, because we are not happy or even disappointed with the  outcome of a previous translation request. Let us see, therefore, what a translation office should offer when asked to meet a demand.

Background in medical translations

In order for a translation office to claim having a medical translation background, it should have dealt with a series of big challenges. When it comes to numbers of pages and diversity, the translation office’s background should be able to prove such medical translation skills as the following: medical records, prescriptions and medical tests, medicine and parapharmaceutical products package leaflets, user manuals for various medical equipment, clinical studies, scientific works or PhD dissertations. When such translations are not backed up by a sense of responsibility, clients will start looking for another office to have their translations proofread, which implies additional costs – in terms of finance, time, or even one’s public image. 

All these issues can be avoided if your first choice is that of working with a sworn translation office with a background in medical translations, such as our translation office, (

Specialized translators made sure that its team of translators is comprised only of experienced translators specializing in the medical field. Medical documents requiring translation cannot allow any error to occur, as this would put people’s lives at risk.

In other words, our translators have perfect knowledge of medical terms, which they acquired as a result of specialized studies, of a rich background in medical translations, and particularly as a result of an ongoing self-development practice aiming at pushing their limits.

Impeccable reputation

Working with a translation office you know will deliver on their promise will save you a lot of money and, most definitely, time. Sometimes we are in a hurry and we make random choices, by thinking they are all the same or simply hoping we get lucky and our documents will be properly translated.

Of course, being in luck is not unheard of, but, judging from the experience of most clients, it is always best to know who you are working with, particularly when the stakes are high and the documents are really important to you.

Always check the reputation of the translation office you choose or, better yet, ask for recommendations from people you can trust.

Another way of checking a translation office’s reputation is by checking out the testimonials on its website (you’ll know the difference between the ones that are true and those which are visibly “fabricated”).

Guaranteed data privacy

The privacy of your personal data is more than sensitive; when it comes to medical data, safety measures are all the more rigorous.  All documents we receive, the translation of which we deliver, are treated with the utmost respect. In fact, we could not possibly do it otherwise, as this would be a violation of our own standards. Scientific works resulting from years of hard work, medical tests which most often are indicative of bad things happening to you – they are all treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. In other words, we treat our clients the same way we like to be treated.