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Anca Dospinescu

Anca Dospinescu


I am Anca, an introvert, learned optimist, creator, art lover, orderly, people person and perseverant. I act as a Project Manager and Career Coach in the company I am currently working, and outside work I am also a Photographer, Volunteer. I also love many things, I love structure and organizing, I like to identify and gather patterns that work, best practices and to structure what is essential. I like coffee shop discussions about philosophy, psychology and life in general.

I am passionate about helping other people, it is part of my life’s mission. I dream big. I imagine a world where people love their jobs, their businesses. As a result, they will build better products and offer better services but more than this, they will have a positive impact on the people they are in contact with, their families, their colleagues, their customers and they will do the same with others, creating this positive and contagious vibe towards a better world.

I believe changing the world starts within you.

I started to build a brand and a business around self-awareness and productivity. My first product is a guided diary that helps you understand yourself better and progress what is truly essential to you.

These days, everything is moving with a faster pace, we are surrounded by information overload, we are overwhelmed and stressed by what others tell us what we need to do. We are more and more disconnected from each other and from yourselves, our body and our mind.

We need to slow down and start to reconnecting with our self, learn how our mind works, understand what helps and what hurts us and be able to choose and progress what help.

My diary will help you in this difficult process to make it easier for you by offering you a guided framework each day you chose to reconnect to yourself and to progress what is essential to you.

Happy to talk to you more about this. Write me at:

Anca Dospinescu