Andra Raluca Tautu – architect and entrepreneur Ame Studio

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Andra Raluca Tautu – architect and entrepreneur Ame Studio

Hello, I’m Andra Raluca Tautu, architect and entrepreneur, founder member of Arkia a branch of Ame Studio. At Ame Studio our credo is that there is no wall that we build that has no soul.
I entered the entrepreneurial life in 1999 right after graduation, and each project I worked on shaped me – from overseeing the constructions of hospitals or individual homes up to the detail work of interior design for private and public spaces. Each client made me learn something new; the projects I picked are not mine or theirs but ours. As I like to make sure that my clients dreams and my expertise meet creatively and efficiently. What’s fascinating about architectures is that it requires a combination of technique, art and psychology.
Each building or finalized project is meant to radiate harmony, to contribute to a state of inner peace and spark inspiration. I like that any detailed used, even consumer products will get personalized by the way we associate them in the whole of the design that is unique and created with each specific client in mind. The idea of “to be at home” is not a metaphor, it is a palpable feeling that I like to made it real combining my technical expertise and my sensibility as an artist and woman. Ultimately, I don’t believe “feeling good” is an esoteric concept, but a palpable, concrete state that anyone can experience in the spaces I built.
Our 20 twenty years of experience and collaboration with high-end partners on the international market is now channeled into Arkia, a new branch of Ame Studio. At Arkia we act as consultants for high end interior design projects, we can suggest major verified dealers on the market for furnishing, and we can also work with you directly to make your dream environment come true.
Arh. Andra Raluca Tautu
0040 766 072 123