“Have the end in mind and every day make sure your working towards it” 

I rise today stronger than yesterday, hoping to make the world a better place doing what I love most and excel at being a great mom and wife that keeps it all together.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it’s only in 2015 when my efforts had contoured, and I started to dedicate my time entirely to the business world.

I wore many hats from a digital project manager, that I was doing for over seven years to front-end, web design, business analysis, and everything I had to do to make our company create beyond expectations online experiences. I did all that with passion and responsability.

I soon provided consultancy and realized that we need to extend our software development services with additional support for companies. People wanted to start their own business, they understood the importance of digital, but they also needed help and support. 

Me and my team of 5 colleagues were trusted to provide Branding focus and web design services to the international market, and the software company grew immediately with global services in just 3 years.

Our clients found in my team and me excellent support and know-how to grow themselves to become the online heroes they always dreamt of.

We love our clients, partners and want to see them succeed. That is why we brought more around this small company, and we ended building a family.

We offer startups and innovators free support on the Facebook group, provide quality free content, all to make companies understand the importance of the online world and doing things the right way. 

2websoftware and services now helps startups and SMEs who wish to grow their business online to achieve strategic concepts, visual brand clarity, and user-centric digital solutions. 

We do all that through a unique, well – defined process that offers results and create the desired value for users and businesses.

As for future plans, we started to build a partnership with the only science park in Romania- Măgurele Science Park in order to empower new innovating technologies and companies to market faster in Romania. Also we are thinking with enthusiasm at new partnerships in USA- San Francisco.

Join us in the journey to create a community of 100.000 people and businesses who express their values, entrepreneurial spirit & dreams online. 

I am here to help you get inspired and get ready for your online journey.

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