Andreea Popescu, Owner Andreea Details, Style consultant & Personal shopper – ”What we wear when we work from home (remote work)?

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Andreea Popescu, Owner Andreea Details, Style consultant & Personal shopper – ”What we wear when we work from home (remote work)?

Given this context from nowadays, remote work is the first option for a lot of us.

Therefore the topic I want to detail with you today, is the following question: “How we dress when we work from home?”

When I opened this topic, most of you answered that you have the freedom to choose a comfortable version and you don¢t waste too much time with this …

When you work from home, my recommendation for you is to choose something comfortable but to pay attention to what materials your clothes have.

It is better to choose the natural material because when you spend a few hours in front of the laptop, you  don¢t need to sweat, and a T-shirt made with synthetic material will not help you to be comfortable.

I don’t know about you, but  I felt a need for a refresh of my style, from a glam style to a natural style, especially now when I worked” from home ” for some weeks, I have returned to the basic clothes.

I am a city chic style as a fashion lover, but now in this context, when I stay a lot in the house, I have adopted a natural style.

If you are curious about my choice when I  ” work from home ”, my first option is a cotton T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

I have another proposal for you, to have more energy and good condition, I recommend you to use when you work from home, for each day of the week, a different color for your T-shirt.

Consequently, I choose Monday a blue color, for Tuesday I wear green, for Wednesday, a red T-shirt, for Thursday I choose purple, and Friday is dedicated to beige.

For me, each color has a meaning and sends me well-being and also gives me extra energy, so I encourage you to wear a different color every day when you work from home.

I still have a secret for you. When I work from home, I like to play with accessories. For me, accessories play a very important role. Before I turn on my laptop, I put on my favorite earrings or an oversized headband (I’m a real collection of the headband).

In this period I advise you to take good care of your skin.

For example, when I work remotely before I answer my emails, I like to take care of my skin following the 3 steps, cleaning, toning, and care.

During this time, when we will stay in the house, I will miss my monthly cosmetic session. Therefore, I have to apply my mask that I make in the house,  for my skin.

I am passionate about face masks home-made (I am also a Pharmacist, so I proud to know some DETAILS about this topic).

I will try in the next days to make also a few exercises for my body with some online applications, I will choose a yoga online program.

I will miss the exercises in the gym and the ballet class, but I will replace them with the exercises done in my yard, with my dogs.

In the next period, I promise myself that I will try to make my days beautiful and enjoy simple things, that I forgot to enjoy them because I lived a life with a lot of repetitive tasks.

If you are curious about how you can choose to clothe when you work from home, and if you have any questions about this topic, I expect you to write me an e-mail to my email address and I promise that we will talk about this topic in detail.

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See you soon!