Andreea Tina – Founder of Pro Bodystyling London

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Andreea Tina – Founder of Pro Bodystyling London

Andreea Tina – Founder of Pro Bodystyling London


Andreea Tina is one of the Speakers from Elite Business Club London. Founder of Pro Bodystyling and Pro Fitness Athlete, Andreea Tina is one of London’s most sought after coaches.

Being renowned as a physique model, strength & conditioning coach and fat loss specialist, she has trained some of the most demanding and successful professionals in the world. Andreea is famous for her tough and challenging workouts that simply gain great results in a short amount of time.

Besides running her own company with sales in the UK, SUA, Dubai, hard work payed off as Andreea was rewarded by winning in 2014 the 1st place and the title of World Beauty Fitness & Fashion at the Danish Show, one of the most prestigious European competitions.

“Sport is discipline, ambition, effort, drive and passion and these principle helped me develop my own company and internationalize my business.

ProBodystyling was created with an aim to give anyone with a desire and determination to improve their fitness, health and physique an opportunity to achieve their goals in the most effective way.

We teach our clients about balance in they’re how to track their eating and understand themselves”, said Andreea.

Born in Romania, Andreea has been trained as a gymnast in her early years and later developed an interest in other sports such as tennis, volleyball and some outdoor sports such as rock climbing. When she was around the age of 20, she discovered her passion for fitness, which has been her calling ever since.

After moving to London, and graduating with a Masters degree, Andreea continued to nurture her interest in the fitness industry by training and studying intensely, attending as many courses as she could and discovering that she had all the attributes to compete and be successful as a WBFF Pro.

Andreea was unrelenting in her pursuit to learn the latest advances in physical training, diet and sports psychology. It was also at this time she also started to train clients in some of the most prestigious gyms in London, where she quickly developed a no-nonsense reputation of achieving incredible results for her clients quickly and effectively.

Andreea is an experienced Poliquin coach (PICP 1&2, Biosignature Modulation), has studied Precision Nutrition, Sports Massage and many other fitness courses to stay abreast of the latest and most beneficial training methods.

She is also currently studying for a qualification in the Institute of Functional Medicine. Her coaching methods take a holistic approach to training to ensure that the best training regime is used to suit a client’s aims, current fitness levels and body composition.

Want to know more about Andreea Tina and her Business? Come at ELITE Business Club London on 4th April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel starting 6 PM.

More details and tickets available here: