Applied Behavioral Therapy Association – ATCA


Applied Behavioral Therapy Association – ATCA, founded in 2008, has become a professional standard thanks to its outstanding results in intervention programs for children with behavioral and autistic spectrum disorder (ASD/autism) and is specialized in the field of ABA therapists training in Romania.

ATCA has two therapy centers, where 170 children with behavioral disorders and autism are helped by ABA rehabilitation therapy. Our association supports free of charge, from its own sources, 15 social cases children, courses for teachers and parents from all over the country.

Over the past ten years, ATCA has formed over 1,000 therapists, provided free of charge over 1,000 hours of teacher training for the integration of children with disabilities in schools, and over 1,000 hours of free classes for parents with children with behavioral disorders and autistic spectrum .

The President of the association, Anca Dumitrescu is the first Romanian specialist accredited in ABA therapy. Expertise and collaboration programs with universities and professionals from abroad allowed the association to be a co-organizer of the ABA International Conferences in Bucharest since 2010.

Since 2015, ATCA has been accredited as a provider of continuous training (ACE provider type 2) by BACB – the only institution that accredits ABA practitioners worldwide. Therefore, ATCA is the only institution in Romania to accredit ABA therapists at an international level.

ATCA’s MISSION is to support through specialized therapy (1:1) the development of children suffering from medium-level behavioral disorders (ADHD and ADD) or autistic spectrum and to provide current training courses, methodologies and tools, scientifically proven as most effective in guiding and managing behavioral disorders. Training courses address all those involved in the guidance and development of atypical children: parents, teachers, educators and therapists.

The awareness and responsibility towards these children, involvement in their acceptance and integration into communities, the education of these children are the VALUES that guide all the actions and projects we generate for the benefit of a high functional society from a human, behavioral and social point of view.

We are constantly informing and involving people, companies and public institutions through national projects and large social fundraising events like Balul Bucuriei Charity gala or Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest International Marathon.

In our VISION, behavioral disorder is an aspect of the natural process of life, so it is natural to support, through specialized actions and unanimous efforts, the healthy development of the affected children.

We are responsible for the destinies of the autistic children and our involvement is their unique chance for a balanced life.


Nicoleta Orlea

Manager Fundraising


Orzari Street, no. 92, district 2, Bucharest