Aura Icodin, Owner A_BEST: Getting Ahead in Business through Foreign Languages: 4 Advantages of the A_BEST Online Courses

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Aura Icodin, Owner A_BEST: Getting Ahead in Business through Foreign Languages: 4 Advantages of the A_BEST Online Courses

While not new to the field of language learning, online courses are nevertheless a challenge for students, especially if they have not had contact with this method before. For those who are interested in an alternative option for the classic course taught in a classroom, they can opt for an online foreign language course organized by A_BEST Foreign Languages Center (, on the Zoom platform. The online courses are organized for the following language courses: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Romanian for Foreigners.

Here are 4 of the advantages of our online courses:

  • Interactivity:

Interactivity is synonymous with the virtual environment which makes the A_BEST online courses ideal for those who are interested in a modern learning method. The courses are interactive, with up-to-date study materials, making the courses more efficient and the target language easier to assimilate. Our trainers prepare daily, with care and dedication, all the sequences of the interactive courses that they will teach. This ensures that the time spent in the foreign language course by all our students will be extremely well invested.

  • Efficiency

The A_BEST foreign language courses are organized in such way as to ensure that the time spent by the student in class is quickly monetized. As such, during the course, the students’ needs come first and the structure, content and course objectives are in line with the students’ expectations. In the case of the on-demand courses – 1-2-1, 2-2-1 or mini-groups (3 students) – the courses are customized depending on the linguistic needs of the course participants and the department in which they work, for instance.

The A_BEST trainers are well known for their excellent academic studies and the fact that they are adaptable and always connected to the pulse of a world which is constantly transforming and improving.

  • Ease in communication

By participating at the A_BEST online course, you will find it easier to express yourself in a foreign language, and the topics discussed will be useful to you when you travel, in your personal or professional life. The method used is a communicative one (Communicative Language Teaching) which brings up discussions, debates and language games. This helps students develop their fluency, ensuring they will be able to communicate more easily with their business partners or in their day-to-day life.

  • Schedule flexibility

The course participants can study a foreign languageeven from …home. Furthermore, they can opt for either an on-demand course, which will allow they to attend classes individually (1-2-1) or with a life partner/ colleague/ friend (2-2-1) or in a mini-group (3 people), with a schedule and curriculum that is adapted to their needs.

In the following period,25March – 10 April 2020, the online courses organized by A_BEST, on the Zoom platform, will have a special price. If interested, please contact us 0762 274 914. For more details please follow the link