, the place where you can dare to be anything you have ever dreamed about

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Home », the place where you can dare to be anything you have ever dreamed about, the place where you can dare to be anything you have ever dreamed about


Have you ever dreamed about things that you were afraid to accomplish just because you thought you are not inspired enough, not strong enough, not free enough to transform them into reality? Now it is time to be everything that you did not dare to be! is the latest female lifestyle portal launched in the virtual environment. It is the place where you can discover, create and learn everything that could help you outline your dreams! Here, you’ll find useful tips on beauty, style and health, as well as fresh informations about the urban society, which is the catwalk where the modern woman shows off with no inhibitions! is a project released with energy and enthusiasm by Simona Mirițescu and Adeline Mihăilă, a project that was born from their passion to live the life as it is. They are willing to share with all the other women the joy of living apart from the rules and also inviting them to start the most amazing adventure: self-knowledging themselves.

“Clementine is your most confident friend which leads you to the stairs of success, giving you the necessary piece of motivation and self-confidence. In fact, our project was born from the desire to create the perfect place where each woman gains the skills to succeed. Freedom, courage and motivation –  those are the main values that aims to inspire. Beyond all this, Clementine is a woman’s guide who knows how to enjoy life. Here you’ll find the most useful tips and information, gather in interesting content.” says Simona Mirițescu, Clementine’s founder.

“We started from the idea that any woman who wants to achieve goals must have, first of all, the courage to dream. Through our website, we are conveying the joy of being natural and exploring your own personality and, at the same time, preparing strong and confident women who can juggle around all of life’s experiences with positive vibes.” added Adeline Mihăilă, the co-founder of Clementine.


Therefore, gathers a number of ingredients that any free and lively woman uses to maintain her beauty and jovial appeal: style tricks, fashion trends, and inspiring health-tips.

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