Bianca Tudor: Entrepreneurship is like marriage. You stand by it, for better or for worse. And the worse has come for all of us now.

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Bianca Tudor: Entrepreneurship is like marriage. You stand by it, for better or for worse. And the worse has come for all of us now.

Bianca Tudor, Founder of Elite Business Women and Branding Consultant, describes herself as a beauty lover, passionate about sports and travel.

Bianca started her career from the first year of college, working for a multinational company. At the age of 22, the Director of Personal Training and Development for the Global Organization Junior Chamber International arrives, then advanced as a member of the management board. In 2012 she joined a project of the European Commission – “Equality Pays Off” – carried out both in Bucharest and in Vienna.

With remarkable international results, Bianca Tudor has realized that she wants to inspire other women, to give them confidence and courage to enter the business world. This is how Elite Business Women was born – the community of women entrepreneurs, which develops from year to year, nationally and internationally, exceeding 11,000 Romanians from home and abroad, who run top businesses.

Today we talk about entrepreneurship in uncertain times, about business decisions and what it means, from its perspective, to reinvent in this period.

How have the priorities of the projects in which you are involved changed?

I think this crisis has brought us close to what matters, unity, respect and community involvement. The team, the community, the health, the business – priorities have come since the outbreak of the pandemic.

At EBW, the priority was the TEAM, so on March 13-15, we had an online team building, 2 days of Leadership, Business etiquette and Continuity Plan with trained and budgeted trainers for the development of the EBW team.

Later, we created the Crisis Cell for SMEs, that is our contribution to the business environment, on March 16, we already had the Crisis Time Entrepreneurship webinars, which were running for free.

I also created in the Contribution area the Women4Impact Campaign affiliated to the project SHIELD FOR HOSPITALS, and on Thursdays, I offer Free Consultancy to the SMEs that have identified a Business Continuity Plan (between March and April). Also on the same day, MARCH 16, we created the MESSAGE of continuity with EBW actions for EBW members, EBW COMMUNITY 11,000+ entrepreneurs, suppliers, partners.

Subsequently, we created the business products, adapted to this period, to ensure minimum cash flow. Thus we have launched 2 new international strategic partnerships, which I hope to hear soon because we are working behind closed doors, to something GREAT!

What financial and managerial decisions did you make during this period?

The first thing was a financial analysis of the recurring fixed expenses, of the customers with a subscription that brings income, to see how much we can resist if from this moment we sell nothing.

Subsequently, we renegotiated the contracts with the recurring suppliers, on a monthly basic subscription, our workload being smaller, canceling offline events.

But first of all, we paid our bills on what we already have. I had the surprise that invoices issued in February or March to receive payment cancellation … from companies infinitely larger than business than us.

That was the moment of the realignment T0 – WHO deserves collaboration with EBW – we select our clients, members, partners, team and equally, we deserve their respect. I also applied for funding.

It is true, however, that during this period consulting companies respond very hard because, from the top companies in the market, we still have no answer! And then we complain that things are not going to Romania.

What actions did you launch with your team – as projects derived from your object of activity?

We created the Crisis Cell for SMEs, free weekly webinars every Monday, where I had over 200 registrations weekly, with 60-70 people, effectively as a participation rate for the webinar.

We launched the WOMEN4MPACT fundraising campaign with The Woman, thanks to Crina Ciocian and Melania Medeleanu, ZIDEBINE.RO Association.

We have launched a Continuity Plan – Free Consultancy, THURSDAY every week for SMEs that understand the importance of continuity, even at these times.

We have created 2 free eBooks with Tax and Legal Measures created by lawyers for SMEs, but also MARKETING STRATEGIES for the affected SMEs, thanks to Corobană and Associations, Sorina Neagu – Law, Mihaela Lemnaru – Marketing.

We have also created ELITE Meet Up, business webinars for SMEs that continue to educate themselves, seek solutions, network online, and these have a fee equivalent to breakfast in the city. The webinars took place online and are addressed to the communities Elite Business Club Bucharest and SIBIU.

You are, without a gift, a voice in your community. How did you use this voice to help people, businesses, initiatives?

My voice and EBW must be heard to represent the challenges of the business environment. We sent 13 rescue measures for SMEs to the press from EBW, in a statement taken in over 30 articles, from AGERPRES to Capital, or Antena1 Online.

I got involved online with the ideas of business continuity, free webinars, free consultancy, RADIO appearances, as well as many other thematic articles for the business environment.

In the fundraising category, in addition to SHIELD for HOSPITALS, we created awareness and donated to the KINETOBEBE Association that supports children with locomotor problems and who remained at home without this therapy during this period.

What would you say to women who are having difficulty keeping their business afloat? How can they be rescued or why should they be taken into account?

First of all, to identify the current situation, cash flow, expenses, and incomes. Then to do a market analysis to see to what extent their product is still relevant during this period. Then to decide if they want to continue and take on entrepreneurship.

I think for many entrepreneurs it is a sham or it is fashionable for them this entrepreneurship because it only assumes the freedom and independence to create and be its boss. When it comes time to be a leader and create a structure for the team, vision, strategy, financial plan, take losses, then it is no longer fun.

The question is simple: “DO I ASSUME ENTREPRENEURSHIP” in all its stages? Then you will find solutions, you will adapt, you will change and you will emerge from the crisis. I set out to grow my business during this period, for example, as an extension of the Business Clubs, because online communities can be created and hence the offline scale.

So if you consider yourself a determined entrepreneur, passionate about entrepreneurship and recruiting leaders, but especially a Business Club DRIVER, I invite you to write to us at

Who are you when you have time?

I am a person who loves life, I do daily sports, I love nature and to go out in nature, I love self-development and daily I do something to develop myself personally and professionally. I love people and networking and I meet new people daily (I maximize online).

I love brand communication and daily I create space for quality awareness on the activities for SMEs, female entrepreneurship, CSR.

I love the sea and travel often and short to sunny destinations. I meditate and do qigong, listen to music and create the next steps daily.

I think that nothing in my life is accidental but created by me, both the good and the frustrating or sad. For this, for example, I write and analyze to improve them, we are work in progress and divine creation, we are here to shine and together we shine brighter!

I believe in unity and the power to leave something behind you for humanity! You’re never too young to do a good thing, even if you lean over and take a piece of paper from the floor to move it to the trash, even though you didn’t throw it away!