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Business Incubator

Duration: 2-3 hours

Concept: A unique workshop concept designed as a brainstorming session hosting 4 to 16 individuals, a group work on applied business issues. Interaction is based on the  ”business roulette” concept, with two types of forms, one aimed at defining the business issue in question and one for the feedback and solutions received.


  • attend the incubator to present an actual issue or question concerning your business with which you may need help
  • you get your own board of directors as an SME 
  • you get objective and diverse kinds of feedback on your issue from the other participants, each doing so at a time
  • you have the possibility to work with a team of professionals who are not involved in your company, thus benefitting from the detached perspective of an outsider
  • access to recommendations from the trainers attending the event on the issue in question 
  • leave the incubator with valuable feedback and support to solve your issue 
  • provide support and advice to other entrepreneurs 


Frequency: 1/month

Access: included for the Mastermind package holders, additional payment for the others

Location- Bucharest – monthly, Cluj and Sibiu semi-annually.