Entrepreneurial Transylvania,
a new approach,
a unitary voice!

In the national premiere, the INFOBiz Center and ELITE Business Women come with an integrated concept of Business Summit – from international practices, to regional perspectives of the business environment, to challenges and solutions for developing the Transylvanian business environment.

About the Event

ELITE Business Women

ELITE Business Women ( and the INFOBiz Center ( invite businessmen and businesswomen to participate in an elite event – Business Summit Transylvania – which brings together the business environment, representatives of Romanian employers , representatives of the state institutions and of the dual education system, school and university

Who is the event for?

We challenge entrepreneurs and managers in Romanian companies to an open dialogue and concrete solutions. We address in particular SMEs, but also representatives of large companies and multinationals, who are responsibly interested in the future of their company, the business climate in which they operate but also the progress of the Romanian economy as a whole.

What is the PURPOSE?

Through this event, we aim to:

  • Give the business environment a unitary voice
  • Help entrepreneurs defend their interests, support each other, dialogue with representatives of institutions and raise awareness of the need to adapt the business environment to future trends
  • This meeting’s role is to facilitate the access of participants to the continuous development in business and is based on active discussions between speakers, participating entrepreneurs, state representatives and those present at the event.

This meeting’s role is to facilitate the access of participants to the continuous development in business and is based on active discussions between speakers, participating entrepreneurs, state representatives and those present at the event.


Special guests of the Business
Summit Transilvania event:

Florin JIANU – former Minister for SMEs, business and tourism environment, President of the National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises in Romania

Cătălin PREDOIU – former Minister of Justice, Deputy, representative of the Romanian Parliament

Livia ILIE – Vice-rector of Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu

Adrian RADĂ – Vice-President of the National Federation for Vocational Education and Training

Mihaela STROE PhD – International Women’s Ambassador Elite Business Woman and the only behavioral analyst (profiler) in the business area of ​​Romania, specially trained by Joe Navarro, the FBI’s best criminal profiler in the last 100 years.

► Directors of local and regional institutions



  • entrepreneurial behavior, mentoring and leadership
  • vulnerability of the business environment in Romania, especially of SMEs
  • challenges & solutions regarding the Transylvanian business environment
  • the private environment vs. state institutions
  • labor crisis & the impact of dual, school and university education
  • the impact of legislation and the efficiency of the judicial system on SMEs and the business environment.

The event will be structured
on four panels:

1.International speakers - good business practicess

2.Panel in which special guests, international speakers will discuss topics of interest to the business environment


Bianca TUDOR

CEO and Founder ELITE Business Women – The largest national organization of women entrepreneurs

Ciprian FARAON

President of the INFOBIz Center. Launch anti-control application – ProtectBiz.


Former Minister of Justice, Deputy, representative of the Parliament of Romania. Book launch – “The Power of Justice and the Justice of the Power”.

Patronatul Județean al Întreprinderilor Mici și Mijlocii din Sibiu

Official launch of employer organization, special guest Florin JIANU.


Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Author of The Drive to Aim High: Seven Powerful Mindsets Proven to Guarantee Your Success. National book launch.


4.Business Networking & Dinner

Entries are made by email at

There is no entrance fee.

For the first time, ELITE Business Women is the first business community to come up with a modern networking tool in the form of a mobile phone application – the SOCIAL CLUB application, which allows participants to easily and quickly view the profiles of all participants at the Transilvania Business Summit event , they can send and receive invitations to connect and get in touch with each other, to get to know each other directly and identify new opportunities.


About the organizers

ELITE Business Women

Elite Business Women started as a small group of women who were discussing the importance of female entrepreneurship in modern society in the online environment, and in a few years this idea became the largest female entrepreneurial education company in Romania. 

Over 10000 companies form Elite Business Women – over 10000 participants in over 200 Elite Business Club events, 20 international conferences (London, Lisbon, Rome) and many ongoing projects such as the EBW Investment Fund, Elite Mastermind Board or the SME Media Kit.

The organization is headed by Bianca Tudor.

„I believe in the potential of Romanian SMEs and I am glad to see their concern for development. I think the businesses that last for years are those that understand the need for accumulation of business know-how.

The October 10, 2019 edition comes with a pragmatic, realistic approach and a call-to-action approach, to provide entrepreneurs with concrete tools for business growth and partnership opportunities. ” – Bianca Tudor, founder & CEO of Elite Business Women, event organizer Business Summit Transylvania.


Business Information and Assistance Center – INFOBIz was established with the aim of creating a strong community of business people, especially SMEs, so that the voice of the Center is respected and appreciated. 

Among the strategic objectives we mention the instrument of protection of the business environment against the abuses of the state – the PROTECTBiz application, the assistance of the economic agent regarding the competences of the control body, the free information of the entrepreneurs through experts in activities related to the financial, fiscal, commercial, legal, marketing, European funds, business management and up to specific activity areas, increasing the prestige of the businessman profession as well as establishing a partnership between the business environment and local public authorities.

The organization is headed by Ciprian Faraon.

”I believe that the business environment, especially SMEs, is not represented correctly or sufficiently but to the same extent does not benefit from fair treatment by state institutions, the legislature, local authorities, although it is the main contributor to local and national budgets.

We need a strong, unitary voice, so that we can put the decision to the table whenever budgetary measures, economic measures, both at local and national level are considered. We must succeed in inducing responsibility from the representatives of the state institutions, as we, the entrepreneurs, must adopt a responsible social and business behavior. ” – Ciprian FARAON, President of the INFOBiz Center & entrepreneur, organizer of the Transylvania Business Summit.


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