Call to action ELITE Women Entrepreneurs in Russia

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Call to action ELITE Women Entrepreneurs in Russia

Dear women, I congratulate you on the official opening of Elite Business Women Russia on February 18th!

Thank you for your participation and trust to be with us.

We believe that we are looking in the same direction and together we will influence our economy and society to make the women’s voice stronger.
We are here to help women in business become stronger, more confident, be inspired by each other’s successful examples, learn business and unite with each other to create new partnerships and joint businesses at the Russian and international level.

If you did not have the opportunity to be present during the entire meeting, we send you links to the video recordings

We look forward to expanding our community.
Our business club is officially open for membership in the EBW club.

And I am ready to discuss with you when we meet how we can help your business. Write me a reply email or in whatsapp about your desire to learn more and we will book a call time.


1. The next online meeting on March 25 – add it to your schedule, because at the next meeting, we will focus more on networking. This means that we are preparing a 2-minute presentation about ourselves and our business for the opportunity to create new partnerships.
2. Offline business breakfast in Moscow (in March, the date is being specified)
Who will be the speaker is still a secret, subscribe and follow the news in our official group

Special thanks to our wonderful partners who support us:
The community of “Women in Boards of Directors”
Independent news agency “Global Women Media”
International community for the support and Development of Entrepreneurs “World Leader Summit”
The international community “Peace 50 (P50)”
And I am glad to see our mutual support with the Corporate Accelerator GenerationS of the Skolkovo Innovation Center»

What does participation in Elite Business Women give you?:

Networking –at our monthly events, once a month, online meetings with experts.
Once every 2 months, networking on offline breakfasts. And when there are more of us, we will start holding them more often.
We want to give a voice to all women, so at the end of the year we will also hold a GALA concert, where our women will perform for a large audience. And in the fall, an offline event for EBW members is planned in Dubai.
We also plan to invite large foreign companies that are looking for opportunities in the Russian market, and you can conduct business pitching to create a partnership with them.

Business Education– we have a portal that hosts useful content on leadership, marketing, communications, and business building.
Joint training programs on your request with Russian experts and business accelerators. And you can also act as a mentor and speaker on our educational programs and share your experience with other club members.

Increase awareness at the Russian and international level – an alert is created for 12,000 international companies about each new member of the club. And also, the magazine in which you will be able to place their expert articles.
Also, a telegram chat will be created for EBW Russia members, where you can meet and grow together.

And, first of all, we focus on your wishes and requests in order to create a suitable business environment for you.

I look forward to our next meeting and am ready to answer any of your questions,

Russian Ambassador of EBW
Evgeniya Sazonova
tel\whatsapp: 89253751701
More about us: