Camelia Păduraru – Master Trainer of NLP, Performance Coach, Founder of Crafting Minds

In teaching others, we teach ourselves.

This is a motto that does not belong to be, nor do I know its original author to credit them, but for years now, I keep honoring it with the work I do.

I am CameliaPăduraru, the founder Crafting Minds, and since 2008 I’ve spent my life learning, mastering, and teaching the most advanced tools, knowledge, arts and science to empower people and guide them on the way to what they truly want.

I was only 30 when I reached the highest level of international NLP training. I’m a Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Time Line Therapyä, Hypnosis and Coaching. My path led me to also become a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and an ancient Hawaiian magic initiate, therefore enabling me to successfully address the human being in its entirety: body, heart, mind, and spirit. I’m here to provide you with the most advanced tools, my expertise, my passion, and my energy to assist you in learning how to do what you cannot do and want to do. To craft a life that is truly worth living.

My gift is to teach and facilitate experiences where people learn about themselves, tap into their hidden power and resources, clear their minds, charge their hearts and enrich their lives. In these 9, 16, or even 18 days courses that I do, I teach proven and very practical tools while creating contexts where the delegates can disappear for a while, only to reappear with a clearer vision, with new resources, competencies, and a generous toolkit they can use for the rest of their lives – to make the best of their lives.

I love working with entrepreneurs, people with a vision and desire to make a difference, change makers and action takers. And that is because I know they are the ones who most need an edge in their lives and work and it’s also how I know my work impacts beyond my immediate reach.

I think the world would be a better place if we were less fearful, if we become more conscious, more curious, more committed and more generous in the way we give meaning to what we experience in our lives.

One of the most beautiful things I’m told is that whatever I touch, can no longer be untouched.

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