Carmen Brașovean, Owner Flori de Poveste – I believed I could, so I did

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Carmen Brașovean, Owner Flori de Poveste – I believed I could, so I did

I am a female entrepreneur and I am divided between two different fields. During the week, in the first part of the day, I am a Recruitment Consultant at a company that offers HR services, and in my spare time, I bring smiles to people`s faces through the arrangements.

I decided to start on the path of entrepreneurship when I realize that my passion for silk flowers can be shared with clients and I came to create flower arrangements for different events.

The vision of the business as a concept is to continue to focus a lot on quality, this being from the beginning a target from which we did not discount. However, the experience has brought new ideas of creation, we have added new components to the events we attend (table cards, graphic design, glasses, etc.), all coming as a request from our clients who want to offer a complete service.

As a marketing strategy, I can say that it is very important for me that the future customers will be satisfied with our services, and as a result, I have decided to allow them to choose their color theme. They do impose a certain type of arrangement on them but let them put their mark on their event.

This is why Flori de Poveste Sibiu, does not have standard arrangements, it just has a lot of passion, patience, and goodwill to create arrangements according to the clients’ wishes.

Carmen Brașovean
Tel: 0743821016