ROSAPIU: Owner, Founder and GM – long lasting floral art

WILLOW THRIVE: Founder and President

Diplomatic World: Diplomatic Economic Affairs

Iwoman Global Awards Core Team – Director International Collaborations

World Leader Summit Core Team – League of Guardians


I am an experienced creative Italian businesswoman. Having held high-ranking positions within European leading entertainment, media, telecom and fashion firms, launching a high-end brand of my own was the next logical step. The current sanitary crisis also pushed me to think thank other initiatives for the community linked to entrepreneurship, mentoring, learning, sharing, women empowerment, resilience.

I am the Founder and Managing Director of RosaPiù, a Belgian company specializing in long lasting natural floral art distributing in Europe and in other countries in the world.


RosaPiù specializes in long lasting floral art. The flowers, plants, trees, green walls, bouquets are 100% organic and are stabilized thanks to an ecological solution that replaces the water and fixes the flower beauty for a minimum of 3 to 5 years. They do not need any water, light or care.

The arrangements are bacteria-free so completely safe which is paramount during the sanitary crisis we are living. My focus is on creating long lasting natural beauty. Flowers preservation is not a new concept, but it is my artistic talent and environmental awareness that sets me apart from other competitors.

My commitment is on Corporate Social Responsibility and on reducing environmental impact by ensuring that every single floral arrangement is controlled on an ongoing basis. I work closely with each of the producers and distributors to ensure that fair trade and strictly quality standards are adhered to. My creations are intended to fit every occasion and budget whilst offering an uniqueness that has to be seen to be believed.
In addition, I also created an innovative exclusive fragrance to scent the flowers with, one that surpasses the natural scent in both intensity and longevity.

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WILLOW THRIVE (NPO) We innovate We resist We win

Willow Thrive is an initiative which aims at gathering entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to promote diversity and encourage resilience. I am the President of this NPO with 2 Co-Founders: Mrs. Barbara Dietrich CEO Diplomatic World, Mrs. Arshi Ayub Zaveri, CEO Trust with Trade Group Holding and Senior Advisor to Royal Family offices in UAE.


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