Corina Mihul, Ergo Print and – Four colors, four elements. Perfect and imperfect.

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Corina Mihul, Ergo Print and – Four colors, four elements. Perfect and imperfect.

The human is an artist by nature. He seeks to bring the beautiful everywhere in his life, one way or another. Maxim Gorky

Through the two businesses created by me, Ergo Print and, I tried to bring beauty in the lives of our customers, either from printed materials or Murano glass decorative objects.

The quality of printing is the rule that governs us here at Ergo Print.The layouts are verified to the last detail thanks to our “inspector” colleagues at DTP, whether the layout needed to be verified is for a business or a magazine. In the same professional manner, my colleagues from the production department don’t rebate on the quality of the paper, the printing or finishing.We propose layouts, process photos, discuss, obtain printing approval and print every day.

I have a special feeling when I see the offset paper, the coated or pearlescent cardboard take shape and color when they “meet” with the four base colors – CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)-, resulting in business cards, brochures, maps, flyers and many other beautiful things, implacable I’d rather say.

The market we operate on is filled with many ups and downs. We take part in an industry in which innovation is constant and we need to keep up on the pace. We don’t try to compete with the online, we try to complete it. We offer printing and finishing solutions to attract the customer. In fact, our customer’s good image is our business card made by them.

To make my business life even more daring, besides the strictness of the printing machine, I am also attracted to another source of beauty: the sublime imperfection of Murano glass., the Murano glass business, was born through a bet I made with myself at the end of the summer vacation when I visited Venice with my family. My chemical engineer degree helped me understand and explain to my children the production process of Murano glass. From that moment on, the partnerships with the family businesses of Murano glass makers were just a natural step for me.

The experience I accumulated as a printing house manager helped me develop my online shop, the layout completion from the simple idea form to the final product contributing directly in reducing the time needed to implement and make the site function. Alongside my colleagues at Ergo Print I took pictures of the Murano glass objects in-house, we processed them and we managed to write the description for the products. I knew exactly how it was supposed to look in the end.

Like in any business in a new domain, we confronted a series a challenges: the standard for the photos for the online environment was different than the one we used to work with at the printing house, we needed  our own photography equipment in order to take pictures of our products  (the first photos, before attending an online photography course, were horrible), we had to conceive the text and the layout for the new site, we had to assign the names for our products correctly and we had to target a different group of customers than the one for our printing house. is an online shop that started from our desire to bring beauty in everyday life. All the Murano glass jewelry and vases are handmade by the venetian craftsmen using techniques dating that have been around for centuries.

Just as for the printing process, where the magic is a result of the combination of the four colors -CMYK-, the beauty in the Murano glass is obtained through the combination of four elements: sand/quartz, limestone, sodium carbonate and coloring agents (various oxides of metals such as iron, copper, cobalt, manganese and chromium).

The mix of these four base materials, combined with the temperatures of over 800 degrees Celsius, creates the beautiful and unique Murano glass objects. Each and every one of them wears the stamp of the moment it was conceived.

There are many types of Murano glass: smalto– enameled glass, aventurine – glass containing thin gold threads, millefiori – multicolor glass, with floral motives, lattimo -opaque glass etc. From these, jewelry, vases, pots, frills, decorations, chandeliers, and other accessories are created for you.

The nobility of Murano glass is beyond our dreams!