Cosmina Bucur, Aesthetic Style Communication Founder

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Cosmina Bucur, Aesthetic Style Communication Founder

Cosmina Bucur, Aesthetic Style Communication Founder


My name is Cosmina Bucur, I am 33 years old and I am the founder of Aesthetic Style Communication, a communications agency specialized in delivering consulting services to professionals who hold speeches / presentations.

Our services cover the content side to be delivered, as well as counselling skills in terms of presentation and outfit for the speaker.

I started my professional activity in 2007, in the third year of university, as part-time in the financial-banking sector. I was preparing for the promotion of products and services within the Faculty of Marketing, but the crisis that affected the economic environment took my steps towards managing the customer portfolio of a car leasing department.

A few years later, I chose to get closer to my first love. So, I started my work in the media and advertising monitoring area.

Throughout this path, I have constantly evolved and enriched my initial knowledge by running HR and PR activities in parallel, following a number of specialization courses and learning from professionals from different industries.

But my dream of contributing to a better world emerged more clearly only in 2017 when I chose this “world” to be the business environment. I have prepared my “magic wand” in the form of aesthetic communication and I put into it all the knowledge gained in the 10 years of experience, all my skill and all my desire.

Currently, I support entrepreneurs and professionals from different industries in their efforts to hold top quality presentations both at conferences as well as before partners and potential clients.