Cristina Vintilă – Founder CV Expert Contabil

I have been working in the fieldof accounting for over 10 years, managing to develop the CV Expert Accounting Group 5 years ago with a lot of hard work, constant study and full confidence in my own strengths. Experienced in all aspects related to the formation, operation, financing and management of business, I set out to create, through the company, a complete service package, designed to create financial solutions for the activity of our clients..

The CV Expert Accounting Group was established with the desire to provide entrepreneurs with constant confidence and support for the development of their business. In more than 10 years of experienceI have managed over 500 projects of our clients, with a large part we are collaborating with at present. The greatest satisfaction was the fact that we managed to grow and enjoy success together.

What makes me unique? The simple fact to not only help companies but also people understand better the fiscal impact of economic activities. I know that only together can we create performance, in a fair and stable way.

My passion for the financial field has always helped me to meet the challenges of my chosen profession, and subsequently to develop my own business. And the main reason why I managed to build a business from scratch is precisely this dedication to all that CV Expert Accounting means to me. The truth is that I feel a happy woman between numbers and I think that was the key to success in my case.

Cristina Vintilă

Founder CV Expert Contabil

mob: 0726 183 847