Cristina Vintilă, founder of CV-Expert Contabil Group- About

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Cristina Vintilă, founder of CV-Expert Contabil Group- About

EBW:  What does your business do? (mission, vision, market) What products or services do you provide?

Cristina V:Our goal is to provide clients with accounting advice to the highest standards, our expertise being based on financial solutions for each particular business.

CV-Expert Contabil” mission statement- we provide accounting and financial consulting services for people. Starting from the premise that the most valuable resources of a company are the entrepreneur and their employees, we always focus ourselves to their guidance, so we do not only help them with the identified accounting problems.

First of all, we fully understand the activities of our clients to create a dedicated monograph, focused on solving the problems found in accounting.Then we propose improvements so as to reduce the fiscal impact (the tax) and the reduction of expenses (ANAF, banks, partners, etc.). In addition we help the entrepreneur understand what our goals are in terms of the financial section of their business.

CV-Expert Contabil”vision – We want to be the best business partner, not just the best accounting company.

EBW: How do you promote your business?

Cristina V: Within the 10 years of experience we have managed over 500 projects of our clients, a large part of which we collaborate with at the moment. In our case the classic way of promoting worked very well: the recommendation from the current customers which generated new customers constantly and assured us the growth of the business.However, “CV-Expert Contabil” is at the point where we set out to move to the next level. As a result we are in the process of rebranding, and we will set sales targets to grow the business.

EBW: What does the organizational culture look like in your company? Work environment friendly, strict, etc?

What are you looking for in an employee?

Cristina V: I know it’s a cliché, but we are like a family that is based on trust, empathy, mutual support and solidarity. I have always looked for colleagues willing to excel and to develop professionally.

EBW: What is unique about your Business?

Cristina V: We have a human approach in such a process-oriented field, which is what differentiates us in the local market: we understand people, not just their activity and constantly guide them to avoid any financial mistakes in the future.

EBW: What responsibilities do you have as a business owner?

Cristina V: It all sounds great, especially as I hear more and more young people wanting to be entrepreneurs or freelancers. But besides the responsibility of the success of my business, it weighs heavily on my shoulders the responsibilities towards employees and clients.

EBW: What made you choose this type of business?

Cristina V: My passion for the financial field has always helped me to meet the challenges of my chosen job, and also in developing my own business. The main reason why I managed to build a business from scratch is precisely this dedication to everything that “CV Expert Contabil” means to me. The truth is that I feel very happy between numbers and I think that was the key to success in my case.