Cristurean Anca, Owner Prisma Design Studio

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Cristurean Anca, Owner Prisma Design Studio


I could speak about interior design for a few days without stopping, but talking about myself has always been a little more difficult. What I can state without a doubt is that I’ve always had a keen eye for details and that I strongly believe that details equally influence the end result of a process – just like any stage you pass through towards that end result.

I’ve decided to transform my passion for details into a business which aims to promote the sustainability of harmoniously designed environments.

In 2016, I launched Prisma Design Studio which, in a short period of time, has become a mean through which the perspective on interior design can be changed, both locally and nationally.

The studio is sustained through the experience of over 7 years which its team members have, members who are the main responsible for their professional development, being completely accountable for the creative decisions which they implement.

More often than not, the challenges which I face regarding the management of the team and its projects motivate me to find alternative solutions, which transformed me into a very adaptable person.

This is the transformation which I feel closest – the one which followed the decision to become an entrepreneur, which was the best decision I ever made and fully supported – at least up until now!

Cristurean Anca – Owner Prisma Design Studio