We are living unprecedented times at all levels, that’s a reality some are scared about, while some choose to see it as a challenge. It’s up to each of us where we place ourselves and how we decide to go through it. We can see it as a good thing, meaning a major opportunity to change ourselves, our priorities, our visions, our business and so, our lives. Or fear it while waiting for the storm to pass. We can benefit from the challenges we are currently facing by changing our perspective from fearing the reality to consciously creating a new world. Or we can resist the change and let the odds decide. It’s a matter of courage, determination and self- positioning.

Dana StanConsidering the circumstances of the last year at all levels of our existence, I personally strongly believe it’s the perfect time and context to generate a New World. A world that chooses an action to reaction, innovation to stagnation, unity to discordance, synergy to dominance, freshness, beauty, dedication, freedom, versatility, competence and a lot of balance in everything we dare to be and do. And to always mix all these ingredients into our daily lives. Generally speaking, the business we run or develop are important areas where we must implement this new vision, mostly because we are forced by the actual context generated by the pandemic, but, in the same time, because, we can choose to see all that is happening nowadays as a perfect opportunity to change the current paradigm towards a more beneficial and honourable one.

I am talking from experience. Professional experience, mainly. DDS Diagnostic, the company I’ve created more than 18 years ago is dedicated to research, innovation and development of in-vitro diagnostic solutions and sensitive rapid tests for hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories.

So, as we all know, this is one of the most challenging fields nowadays. It is more than business we are talking about here, it’s a huge responsibility as we talk about health and lives, especially now, with the pandemic. We can not allow ourselves “to fear the enemy” in the form of SARS-COV-2, but “to become rapid friends” so that we know all about it and come up with the best solutions possible to support our clients and the authorities in limiting the spreading of the virus through the most accurate and quick diagnostic tests and methods. So considering all these, we are, let’s say, used to being flexible as we deal with an area that requires a lot of adaptability, versatility and proactivity. I am referring to me and my whole DDS Diagnostic team but as well as to all our partners involved in the medical act.

Moreover, I must also admit that the fact that I run an amazing team of dedicated professional experts in development and research is quite a permanent challenge, therefore, changing the future is somehow our company’s daily ‘duty’. So, to give a straight answer to the question “How does the New World might look?”, I will simply say: The New World is now! The way each of us chooses to see, envision and integrate this ‘now’ defines the New World. And the winner, in my opinion, will always be that answer that gathers more viewers with the same integrated vision.

What defines an entrepreneur and a leader ready for the challenges we’re facing and “equipped” for the New World? I strongly believe experience is the answer. Either we find our answers in our previous experience, or we create new answers based on our experience. As, in my opinion, both professional and life experience define with accuracy an entrepreneur and a leader, as well. And if usually we are born with a leader spirit, with entrepreneurship it is not quite the same. Nobody is born to be an entrepreneur, it isn’t something we have in our genes. Choosing to be an entrepreneur is a challenge, a life

challenge we give ourselves at a certain point in life to become better, to evolve, to innovate, to help others, to create and leave something behind. Entrepreneurship means passion, dedication and courage in my opinion, ingredients we owe to our ancestors when we have them in our DNA or to education and personal development in other cases.DDS Diagnostic

Entrepreneurship also means the ability to focus on the good part of every ‘bad’ one’s facing. Which, thank God, I was trained by experience to get it from everywhere I can. After more than 25 years of professional background in the medical and research area, this ability runs through my veins. Therefore I want to point out the fact that it is definitely very important to always see the opportunity in every situation, no matter if labelled good or bad, as this will trigger the best way to deal with that situation and will thus create the best solution possible. As for the leadership part, I was born happily with this in my blood but I admit that my parents’ education and my professional road ahead have greatly impacted my inner qualities as a leader.

So, who is ready for the New World? I think everyone that sees that sky’s the limit is perfect for the New World. All we have to do is decide what we really want and then mix all the inner ingredients that will take us there. I’ve always considered that difficult times may lead to strong and beautiful changes of course in our lives. If we only pay attention to details and place ourselves in the best flow we can get. So, good luck Madam Entrepreneurs! The highway to the stars is now opened especially for us!

Dana Stan is the Owner and CEO of DDS Diagnostic. This article first appeared in the Elite Business Women magazine. 


Read the full magazine here.


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