At this event, the participants will debate subjects like: current context of female entrepreneurship, problems that women as entrepreneur, can encounter, models of women entrepreneur, how they succeeded when facing failure and also the most important instruments that female entrepreneur use to develop their business , all over the world.

About Daniela Mariscu, GM Aquatica Experience

daniela mariscuDaniela Marișcu, „the human”– „I love life’s energy and I share it with love and responsibility with those around me every minute providing in the same time “the best version of myself”! Daniela Marișcu, „the professional” – „We set out the standards and guide investors attracted by the opportunity that Romanian market has to offer, to valuable projects, with an international impact, projects which will put Romania on the map of a minimum recreational industry at an European level!”. Professionally, I am dedicated to the principles of professional responsibility, implementation in safety and excellence.