Darius Bogdan – Men in business – Owner Dulce Dor

Hello there, I’m Darius, architect and future entrepreneur. I am very passionate about everything connected with creativity such as architecture, design, photography, but especially entrepreneurship. Architecture School teaches you to think strategically, to “see” the future and to make decisions through analyzes.

I like to create, I strongly believe that in any industry, creativity separates leaders and avant-garde from the line of normal and banal. This is how peaks are born, this is how we innovate.

I realized pretty quickly that a 9 to 5 job, is not right for me. I want more, and so I set up an architectural office from the time of my studies. That’s how I took the first direct contact with the world of entrepreneurship, a world I found extremely fascinating.

Now is time to take over the family business and take it to the next level. A heavy project, but a challenge that excites me and gives me a target.

I’m still small, but I have big plans. I’m a millennial, creativity, innovation and the need for more is all I think about.

I like concepts and my trip is based on three steps: DOCUMENT> CREATE> INSPIRE. First step is to learn something, a craft or master a skill, then create something with what you learned to inspire others to become better and do the same.

I look forward to knowing as many creative people as possible, and if you think we can do something together, I’m open to any ideas.

I’m Darius and I’m glad to meet you.




Dulce Dor

We have some years of experience behind us, but we don’t brag about it. We always like to think about the future, because we will spend the rest of our time there. We love learning new things and adapting to today’s life.

We are a small team yet, a handful of people, but with great dreams and goals. Maybe the biggest goal is to get things done and bring joy in our customers life with our delicious sweets.

You will always find us besides our customers, at a small family event, or at e big one like a wedding. We want them to truly live that moment, so we make the most amazing sweets that will delight all the guests.  They can enjoy their event knowing that everything will be delicious, fresh and well organized.

With ingredients purchased from reliable distributors, proportioned with care, in a new space, we create sweets. Cakes tailored to your needs and many kinds of cakes or sweets that you will always miss.
Sweets that you will always dream of!