My name is Debora Raffaella Bernocchi, I’m from Milano, Italy.

I am a professional in Italian and European trademark design attorney

Of Counsel Studio Giambrocono.


Master’s degree in law with the thesis “Internet and Copyright”

Master’s in “Intellectual and Industrial law” at Università di Macerata e Camerino.

My family was a family of textile entrepreneurs in the North of Italy.

I’m an Italian and European trademark and design attorney, enrolled in the register of Italian trademark attorney. I can file trademark and design in Italy, Europe, Extra Europe.

I’m Of Counsel of Giambrocono & C. S.p.A.

Mine main job is to follow the PMI in filing trademarks and designs in Italy, Europe and over the world.

My mantra: “… if you don’t have a name, I cannot call you, if you don’t have a trademark, I cannot choose you”


But it’s not a given!


A #trademark, a #design is your business card.


Who choose are the consumers and you need a distinctive #trademark to be chosen by the consumers.

The power of a #brand is to be DISTINCTIVE!

No relation with the products, no description of the products.

A trademark attorney helps you to choose the correct trademark, where it has to be filed, which are the products or services to be indicated for which the mark is to be protected.


My services for you:

  1. Search: before filing a trademark or design it’s necessary to carry out a good research in the territories and according to the products and services in order to avoid possible conflict with other trademarks.
  2. Registration and prosecution: identify Countries and the goods/services to be protected. According to the territory it’s possible to protect a trademark or a design through national, European or international registration.
  3. Opposition: administrative enforcement through passive and active opposition before the Italian Trademark and Patent office (UIBM), the European Union Intellectual Property (EUIPO) and in any other countries with foreign local agents.
  4. Invalidity proceedings: Represent clients in invalidity proceedings involving EU trademarks and designs, and collaboration with foreign agents in invalidity proceedings involving non-EU trademarks.
  5. Monitoring third parties: To avoid the risk of confusion effectively, it is possible to monitor both word and figurative marks, or a combination of both.
  6. Licencing: assist clients in drawing licence agreement.
  7. Online brand protection
  8. Activities with customs: custom surveillance through the filing the application at the customs in order to avoid the import of counterfeit products in the territory.
  9. Due diligence





Mobile: +39 348 3135183

From Macerata, Region of Marches, Italy with love.

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