Develop the entrepreneur and not the business Systemic Coaching & Constellations for Business

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Develop the entrepreneur and not the business Systemic Coaching & Constellations for Business

Develop the entrepreneur and not the business

Systemic Coaching  & Constellations for Business   

The end of 2019, a year full of all!

Sometimes you have exceeded your limits and achieved your goals, at other times you have encountered obstacles, you have been blocked and your business has not gone in the right direction.

I invite you to write these achievements from 2019 as well as the obstacles encountered to solve them as quickly as possible and not to repeat them in 2020.

You just want 2020 to be a much better year, to progress and achieve your mission.

During all this time you worked on your development, as an entrepreneur and you did not work on your business, you went directly to the cause and did not treat the symptom.

Have you been presently and seen: What is in my business  now?

You put the books on the table and you left nothing unseen, unobserved. Each one had its place, even if you did not like it.

Did you do that?

“What is currently in my business? ”Is the first question, the first step in systemic thinking.

Because, yes, your business is a system, your organization is a system, the team, the association, the institutions … and all the organized structures have a systemic awareness.

Systemic constellations are a physical objectification of what is NOW, regardless of whether you like it or not.

It helps you see what it is and also offers you the solutions.

Organizational constellations are a relatively recent method of business investigation that has developed from family constellations, discovered and developed by Bert Hellinger. These are currently influencing the organizational and business field.

It is a tool for initiating change in a company or organization. The result of the constellations are the principles that govern all relationships in both private, social and work life.

These laws or principles of systemic organization have not been invented but they exist at the base of all human relations.

As an entrepreneur you want to solve your situations, to find solutions addressing the cause.

Symptoms may be:

  • Poor leadership
  • Poor management
  • High absenteeism
  • Low productivity
  • Team split without spirit
  • Inefficient marketing
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Career planning
  • There are communication difficulties
  • When there are rebels in the team
  • When there is a lack of focus and inactive resources
  • Lack of respect among team members
  • When there is a high emotional level in your team
  • When there is a lack of clarity at the organizational level
  • When you want to choose from several options

And the list can continue because there are many systems.

I think you realized that we are part of many systems, we enter and exit the different systems of our lives.

What does a constellation offer you?

It currently provides an answer to the questions, challenges, symptoms in your organization.

See what actually happens and offers you the best solution.

These systems have their own organizational principles and exist outside of human influence, in order to maintain a balance, a stability of the system.

These principles are: TIME, PLACE and CHANGE

When these principles of systemic organization are not respected the symptoms mentioned above appear.

Everything that has not been processed and solved in the past remains in the system consciousness to be solved later by those who come into the system.

This has several consequences:

  • Subconscious loyalties appear because of what has not been resolved, the same patterns will be seen in others who come.
  • A new leader, though capable, cannot fulfill his role.
  • The company does not grow, does not evolve, even loses

When people respect these principles, harmony is created in organizations, productivity increases, and people work with pleasure.

A constellation will show when this order is not respected, bring out the hidden dynamics that create problems, block the achievement of the desired results.

Awareness of the hidden forces of organizing the organizational systems and their respect will make the whole business run in flux, towards the mission and the purpose.

Stay tuned, I will detail the principles of organizational systemic organization in a future article!

I invite you to a workshop of Organizational Constellations in Sibiu or even in your organization!

Good luck !

Dr. Mihaela Frunza

Systemic & Leadership Coach