Dorina Dinu – Entrepreneur

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Dorina Dinu – Entrepreneur

I am Dorina Dinu and the important words that follow me and accompany me and manifest themselves in my life are LOVE, CONTRIBUTION, KNOWLEDGE, EMPATHY, HARMONY and BALANCE.

I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years, a mother and wife for 16 years, a coach, an NLP practitioner and trainer for 3 years, founder of the “Împreună pentru Educare și Vindecare”( Together for Education and Healing) Association.

My story changed radically after an accident in 1998. Encouraged by my boss, I started on the road of entrepreneurship at just 20 years old, starting up a business for distribution of medical consumables

Without having much information, without relying on a family tradition, having only the support and trust of the people around me, I manager to build a solid business that proved its durability in time. My intention, from the beginning and to date, was to bring value through my work in the medical system and in the lives of the people that I collaborated with.

From the role of entrepreneur, I understood the importance of educating performance through giving, harmony, dedication, passion. This lesson came in time, after a few years in which I was confronted with the challenge of building a team. I became aware that in order to open myself up towards others, I needed to invest in myself and as such I started down the path of self-knowledge and personal development.

For me, contributing and giving are two of the ten values that I live my life by.

These values guided me in my business and have determined me to set up the “Împreună pentru Educare și Vindecare” Association, that has as main purpose the education and information of people, for a balanced life, from a holistic perspective and integrating this perspective in healing.

The holistic perspective represents an increasingly necessary point of interest in the business world, in the context in which the entrepreneur of today, perhaps now more than ever, lives at an extremely intense pace. Focused on financial and time resources, the entrepreneur becomes more and more a manager, forgetting about himself, THE PERSON. However no business can develop in a healthy and durable way if the person that is at its helm does not live in harmony.

Integration of the holistic perspective creates awareness of the four aspects of life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, and bringing them to a state of balance and congruence. It is important to live our lives by taking into account these four aspects, because imbalance in either of them creates imbalance in the others.

Dorina Dinu

Trainer, Coach & NLP Practitioner

Telephone: 0732 552 552


Facebook: Asociatia Impreuna pentru Educare si Vindecare