Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi: We must create our own formula for success

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Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi: We must create our own formula for success

1. Who is Ruby the human and the professional?

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is a multi- Award Winner Inspirational Speaker, Vice President Women Empowerment for Global Chair board, Global Goodwill Ambassadors. She has been appointed as President India-Switzerland Business Council, of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI): India’s First National Business Chamber for Women. She is the Chairperson for All Ladies League, Ambassador Female Wave of Change and Innovative Educationist . She is invited to various international platforms as keynote Speaker, conduct workshops & podcasts on topics related to Communication, Human Values, Leadership, Women Empowerment & Emotional Intelligence. Ruby adores her loving parents; they have been her role models throughout life…She took life lessons from their successful careers and failures! Her amazing husband & beautiful kids have been strong pillars of support both personally & professionally! She is a Role Model and Mentor to various International students from Business and Hospitality Management Colleges.

Dr. Ruby firmly believes Education & Communication are strong pillars in developing a progressive nation. Her objective for 2020 is to create more awareness about her social projects, create an army og humanitarians. She wants to provide a better platform for learning and performance to various people in her network, organize creative educational sessions with her team and train more like-minded people across the world! She was highly appreciated for her efforts in the field of Education as a Speaker at a conference in United Nations, Geneva.

Some of her achievements: WAW Honorary Award, Hall of Fame 2019 on International Women’s Day, London. She is also finalist in Women in Business Category for Women Achievers Awards, UK. She has received Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award at Women Economic Forum, Lisbon 2017 & India 2019. She has been nominated Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneur of 2017 by Swiss Entrepreneur Magazine. Ruby received a standing ovation for her first TEDx talk titled – “Learning Human Values via Emotional Intelligence”.

Describe a day from your life.

My day begins with sipping warm glass of lime juice with honey and taking some sunshine with ‘surya Namaskar’ – praying to Sun God. Reading news on Social media while sipping coffee. Morning telephone call with my parents, preparing kids for school and having breakfast with my husband.

Preparing for my lectures and assignments for the day…Since I work 3 days only per week. Replying questions or messages of my friends and followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. If there are special call for action messages, I act accordingly. Evenings we cook food together with my children while discussing their events during the day. Thereafter, watching some series on Netflix, listening to music or going for a walk late evening. Some days might be bit different when I have webinars, seminars or talk shows, social assignments like – going to old age home, women empowerment meet-ups, charity teaching or helping in the community events.


2. What style of leadership you approach to succeed?

Nothing succeeds like success..to be successful one needs to lead with example..I believe in Transformational leadership – setting standards and doing it yourself. “Practice what you preach” – works best for me!

As the Founder President of InterculturELLE Réseau Des Femmes, a socio-cultural network for women, Ruby has created this platform to empower women in her local community. A monthly meet-up to connect, share, support and discover each-other in sisterhood! I am working tirelessly to help women from diverse backgrounds globally. As a community leader, I actively organize cultural events to promote men, women and children from different ethnic backgrounds.

3. Name the hardest challenge and the solutions to overcome them, so far, in your life.

The hardest challenge in my life was – when I had to step down as the Academic Dean of a Women’s business College few years ago..I thought that’s the end of my successful career. I was feeling very low & demotivated after giving 11y of my life in building that up…I had worked very hard to establish myself in a male dominated business management teaching industry. Attimes, I even faced glass-ceiling effect when it was crucial educational projects. It was not easy to leave everything and start afresh…

It took me almost 12 months to come back to terms with my situation then…I felt it was a sign from God to move-on and do something more significant in life. Ruby, the humanitarian Public Speaker was born – I started attending women empowerment seminars, helping in community building events, delivering free tutorials via my Youtube channel and teaching part-time in the Swiss Private University.

“Education – A continuous mission of my life” – since then, I never stopped! RAY Academy Swiss – Re-Invent the Awesome You, is my latest venture – a humble initiative to help people in personality development & make speaking fun! I want to help people build confidence, give them voice & create an Impact! It was like a turning point in my life – that moment when I thought I was a ‘nobody’ , I became a ‘somebody’.

4. How do you define succes? What about failure ?

Success comes to those who work for it !
There is no pre-prepared success formula, we need to create one ourselves!

Success can be defined by number of people that follow you, that believe in you, that look forward to practice your words…By followers I don’t mean your social media followers, I mean the people who follow your advice and want to collaborate with you for a better future. One should keep working hard towards achieving their goals! At the same-time do not be afraid if you fail, as failure is a stepping stone to success…

If you fail once, don’t think it’s the end of the world, try again and keep trying till you feel you gave your best shot…Its proven scientifically that we tend to perform better by trail and error…

Ruby’s success can be read in these features :

  •  Featured in a special interview by local Swiss Radio Django as “Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, une Femme engage
  •  Business Insight series of World Radio Switzerland, where she talked about her journey as a successful Business Professor, International Inspirational Speaker & Social entrepreneur.
  •  ‘Remarkable you’ in a UK based prestigious magazine Sovereign.
  •  Ambassador of Peace by INSPAD
  •  Peace Ambassador – Women Federation of World Peace & Universal Peace Federation (UPF) affiliation of United Nations promoting work particularly in the areas of interfaith peacebuilding, peace education and strengthening of marriage and family.
  •  “Candid & Charismatic” – NamasteSwitzerland.
  •  Women Empowerment leader – eYs magazine, Australia
  •  “Education – A continuous mission of my Life” – Vivamost
  •  “How a shy Indian girl became an Inspirational Educationist” – Suissepic

5. An advice for women looking to juggle with her roles in society and her passions as well.

I would like to reach out to all fabulous people with my simple acronym of WOMEN

Workout your personal & professional objectives everyday

You will be Outstanding in your work

Measure your performance – success as well as failures

Empower others in your network – your kids, husband, parents, co-workers, friends etc

Negotiate your own terms & conditions smartly

Women are highly emotional, they want to balance their home and work efficiently in high heels! Some are able to do, some struggle to do and some are unable to do, BUT actually everyone can do with bit of management skills. We all like wearing different hats – successful career women, smart mom, happening wife, cool girl-friend, best friend, dutiful daughter, all the time. Just as we keep changing colors of lipstick and make-up with our clothes at different occasions – keep changing your hats as you change locations. When at home try to spend quality time with your family, involve them in your daily routines, try to be with them 100% with no divided attention! Same at work or any social commitments – give it your best shot, try to engage and involve others around you as much as possible.

My mantra in life – believe in yourself, you are your best critic & best friend!


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