Elena Edwards – What is your NO.1 priority in life?

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Elena Edwards – What is your NO.1 priority in life?


What is your NO.1 priority in life?

Your career?
Your current family?
Your future family?
Acceptance by the society?
Wealth and financial freedom?
Your health?
Living the dream?

Every since I graduated University, I had a big desire to start working. I didn’t care much about what I was going to do. In the absence of an income, I had to earn one, regardless of the job description. After two and a half years of internship jobs, I realized that all the money I was getting could barely cover my existential living costs and no matter how many more extra hours I was working, I didn’t get any more extra money.

It was then when I decided to fire my boss and start my own entrepreneurial journey.

Was it easy? Never! Was it a lot more work that I initially anticipated? Absolutely!

But, I was obsessed about becoming rich. I wasn’t even obsessed with money. I was obsessed with freedom. That was my No.1 priority in life – freedom. It still is, today, 19 years later.

When we are young, we believe that we are unstoppable. We think that we can work for 20 hours a day, we think that we can be a single parent and have a full time job in the same time, we think that it’s ok to feed our body with a few sandwiches a day and a couple of cheap coffees. We wear second hand clothes. We use cheap perfume and we by our body soaps from the supermarkets when they are on special offer. We spend the weekends at home, to save money for our yearly holiday…

And we continue to live like this for many years because by doing the same thing every single day we enter the circle of life where nothing changes until we decide to change something or something happens to us that makes us change the direction towards our destiny. 

And then the No.1 priority in life starts to change, as we are going through life, and we keep changing it again and again, as we accomplish our life’s goals.  There is one No.1 priority in life that we should revisit more often or even make it the No.1 priority in life and that is our health. Without good health, you cannot have a great career, you cannot look after your family, you cannot work to achieve your financial freedom, and so on…


Because humans are creatures of habit and routine. Just pause and think for a minute about your habits and routines! Do you shop at the same supermarket, because it’s on your way going back home from work or it’s near to your home? Do you park in the same spot in your works’ car park? Do you eat a certain brand of bread because that was the bread that your mum always used to buy when you were little? Do you go on holiday to the same destination every year?… I know that not all of us do so but I was just questioning you for a minute.

There is only one danger that all of us are running, by continuing to behave like this. It is something that I encountered a few years ago. If we continue eating the food the supermarkets sell to us, without checking the labels, we are not going to get any healthier. If we continue consuming the same soaps, toothpaste, cosmetics, energy drinks, without checking the labels, we are not going to get any healthier. 

I’ve just spotted this week an aggressive campaign run by the Cancer UK saying that obesity causes cancer. I am not sure if obesity is the cause of cancer but it is clear to me that obesity can entertain a chronic disease. Obesity is the sign of a toxic body(the toxins are stored by the fat tissue to stop them from reaching the vital organs). A toxic body and cancer are a dangerous mix. Nobody tells us “read the labels, before you eat” or “read the label, before you use this product”. How are people going to know how to stop becoming obese? 


Because of that, many people are going to read the Cancer UK posters, do nothing, and continue doing what they are currently doing.

What if you receive a cancer diagnosis? Would that make you make a change? Or are you at peace with facing your mortality? 

What if you could have prevented it or what if you could increase your chances of survival if you make changes in your lifestyle?

My wish for you is to start reading and understanding the labels next time you go shopping. The more you know and the more you understand about what goes inside your body and on top of your body, the more control you’ll have to prevent a disease or to survive a disease.


As you know, I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.

My passion for the Arbonne products started when I realised that all the products were formulated without parabens, formaldehyde-donating preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, PABA, cholesterol, trans fats, artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners.

For almost 40 years, Arbonne has been committed to developing unparalleled plant based products that are free from harmful ingredients. 

All the products are vegan certified and are formulated without gluten, soya, and refined sugars. The products have never been tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.

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Have you ever bought an anti-aging product from the High Street shop and you haven’t noticed any difference after consuming the entire product? Arbonne manufactures results driven products and you don’t need to wait for months to see a difference in the appearance of your skin or the way your body feels.

For more details about the Arbonne products, please visit my Arbonne shop here

Would you like to meet me live? Just click on the YouTube video uploaded above to have access to a TV interview where I am talking about the benefits of the plant based lifestyle. 

Would you like more information about a plant based lifestyle? Get in touch.

Write to me at elena@elenaedwards.com

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